All those channels. All those people. Who's real, who isn't, what can you count on, what can you let go? That's the whole conversation, isn't it?, about real versus unreal, and the people who surround us that we can love, share with honestly, and... trust. Discuss with us and our internet community? Find out what's what, when you join us for a 'mini teleconference,' in S P C. <img src="">


The things people say, the things they don’t. What we mean, what’s not said, how communication breakdown is a thing more real than ever. Anxiety steamrolling over curiosity. All the things that they said would happen when real life got hijacked by ‘illusions’ (ref: Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord, et al).

A conversation in a virtual call (where else?) about DK’s recent article, ‘A Life that Isn’t Yours’. DK will be  the host of this conference call.

Mini-teleconference call
Open invite, Register to confirm
To take place via Zoom (link to be shared with registered guests only)
12 March
7PM-7:40PM Indochina time / 7AM-7:40AM US EST

Hosted by DK’s Dipika Kohli.

Advance bookings only. Max 6.

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