15, 22 September | ‘Slow Moment’

The next meetup is ‘Slow Moment,’ to be held in Phnom Penh, at a secret venue (pictured), on 15 and 22 September.

This is a twice-off event to see how it goes and see if there is interest in creating a ‘Third Place’-style meetup. ‘Slow Moment’ is designed specifically for those of us who are interested in regular conversations with the same people, which is, I feel, the only way that the relationships between us can grow. I love when my conversations become important and have history, and we can mutually enjoy a level of richness and complexity in just knowing one another and seeing each other over time. Think of the pub culture in Ireland, in the 2000s, don’t know how it is now, but that’s where I got introduced to this. Then there were the cafes of Seattle where I started meeting people once-a-month at Stumbling Monk, or every Sunday evening for cards and coffee at Joe Bar. It’s a thing, for me. Hosting regular meet ups. It’s a long story how I got started making S P A C E, Atelier S P A C E, and the occasional Third Place like ‘Slow Moment’. Read about some of them at my personal site. It’s dipikakohli.com.


Are you in Phnom Penh? Join me at ‘Slow Moment’, a kind of Third Place, to take place 15, and 22 Sept. in real life in Toul Tompoung

Here’s what I really love: when conversations between people can become more complex, rich, and meaningful over time. Because of the things that happen in ‘The Third Place,’ which is neither work, nor home, that land us in new pockets of fresh thinking, I continue to aim to create opportunities for the ‘new and different’ to connect, and interconnect. Because why not. Because here we are. Because real life. Because eye contact, which I hope is still a thing. Because human-ness. There are already places with people who are meeting to casually enjoy Third Place-style connection; I’m a member of one of them, and most of my acquaintances there are from Cambodia. We talk in our different ways through the usual gestures that acquaintances who regularly show up at a place tend to get comfortable doing, which can only happen with time. Progression is important, for me. That’s why I keep going there. I want to try hosting the conversational style experience, now, in a place that might work well that I found which is run by people who are earnest, sincere, and kind. More to share about the recent conversation, which illuminated a ten-year ambient conversation that was always in the background in my time in Phnom Penh. I can’t wait to share it, maybe there, maybe then, in real life. Which is one of the reasons, too. Real life.


‘How can I participate, Dipika?’

It’s very small, this set of people who will choose to get in touch and ask me about what this is and how to become part of a regularly occurring meetup.

Free for those participating in the upcoming workshop,  Mirror , if you are in Phnom Penh. Everyone else is welcome to purchase a ticket for USD10. You can come on either day or both days.

I will share details by email if you get in touch. Along with the agenda, time, location details, a general outline of how this works, and why. I have a PDF.

To get these details, please use the contact form to let me know.

Here is a link.


See you in Phnom Penh at *secret venue* on 15 Sept. and 22 Sept.


Update: September 2023