16, 23 October | ‘Slow Moment’ Phnom Penh

Carrying forward in the recurring series, ‘Slow Moment,’ we have selected two dates in October.

The next meetups for ‘Slow Moment’ are set to be held in Phnom Penh at a secret venue, on 16 and 23 October.

Last month’s series was billed as an ‘event to see how it goes and see if there is interest in creating a “Third Place”-style meetup.’

There was.

Meaningful dialogue

It turns out other people are seeking meaningful, ongoing, relaxing conversation in comfortable spaces that have no need to be flashy, without any objective other than to enjoy banter and seeing who else might join in.

This is what the energy and design intent is, behind ‘Slow Moment’. To invite and engage those who choose to be participant an opportunity for the ‘Third Place’ style of connection.

What is a ‘Third Place’? This means a place that is not work, not home, so you can relax and be yourself with some other people also doing the same. I really enjoy the Third Place concept and have to say it got me through many of my years in cities and even countries that I ventured to because I have always been kind of a wayfarer. But wherever I wander, it seems I stumble upon a Third Place, eventually. October’s series will be at one I found in Phnom Penh. It’s owner-operated, heartfelt, family-friendly, intergenerational, and pretty much all the things Wikipedia says a Third Place ought to be. It does it. Beautifully. So we’ll go there.

If you’re wondering, there are other things I have hosted around Phnom Penh over the years. These include the series Origin: What is fromness? and Rooftop Philosophy in Phnom Penh, as well as more once-off stuff, too, like Beauty, Math + Jazz, Choices, Flow, and the launch of my book Breakfast in Cambodia (Kismuth / 2016). These took place in small venues that matched the theme for each conversation. More about my style of hosting informal conversation spaces is at my personal site. It’s dipikakohli.com.

Slowing down to really see, listen, and connect

Naturally, with the pandemic changing how we choose to get together now, it’s very small, this set of people who will opt to get in touch and ask me about what this is, and how to become part of it. It being a regularly occurring meetup.

You can purchase a ticket for USD15 (Early bird, book before 5 October) or USD25.

You can come on either day or both days.

Request details through this form:


More from there.

See you in Phnom Penh at *secret venue* on 16 Oct. and 23 Oct.