Click to read 'An open letter to "N" invitees'
Click to read ‘An open letter to “N” invitees’

16 cities x 16 themes that start with ‘N’

WE ARE GOING to 16 cities.

Cities that have Ns in them to create this series, 16N. (2Ns is preferable, ie Phnom Penh and Hong Kong and Copenhagen.)

We are just getting started. Having only completed ‘N’ Phnom Penh: NORMALITY at the time of this writing, there is a lot of learning and growing happening behind these scenes. [Update: Two years after Phnom Penh, we have hosted ‘N’ in Bangkok (NOW), in London (NOTEWORTHINESS) and Hanoi (NARRATIVE). Getting the hang of it. Finding the groove.]

But we also want to share in the discovery of what tripping up here and there feels like, looks like, and leads to.

Small steps. Building upon seeming failures. Gaining clarity in the process as we keep going to tweak and create a solid framing of the who, what, where, why, and how of ‘N’. (We know it’s really wacky. That’s okay. We tend to get along best with people who enjoy a bit of craziness in their lives from time to time.)

ARE YOU WONDERING what you can do now, to be part of this project, or even a guest at one of the ‘N’ events to come?

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