Welcome to ‘N’.

16N. ‘N’ gathers 16 people in 16 cities. Cities with an ‘N’ in them. Designing a way for people whose paths have never crossed to meet together, in one framed moment. Each city’s ‘N’ is themed. The topic starts with an ‘N.’

Yes, like I said earlier, ‘N’ came into concept at a small cafe in a waking Phnom Penh (which is where I live) with one sizzling question: ‘What if we could design great space for fantastic dialogue? With new and different others? But briefly, and once. What if we could really make it happen? With 16 people. Two to the eighth. What if N was a vector? If 16 vectors cross, just once, that’s a moment, right? What if we could frame that moment, and celebrate, then, the urgency of now? Of real life, of right here, right where we are.’

The big idea?

Ever notice how people collect each other, as though we’re numbers? In each city’s big blind date, ’16N’ become 16 real people. Phones and devices go into a box at registration. No recordings. Just real life. But briefly. And once. So far, I’ve invited 553 people to participate in ‘N’ events in four cities. Two of those have happened, two are in progress of discovering the guests who will be up for this…

Are you up for the ‘N’ challenge?

VERY GOOD. Okay, here’s what to do now. Get in touch. Use the form at this page… More from there.  See you on the other side? –A. Spaice