In answer to the question, What will you do next?, there is this.

16z. It is a place for me to see some reflection happen. Out loud, a little bit, this time. Not too formulated, not too overdone. Just a few words, and pictures. A daily blog? Not quite a blog. More of a sketchbook. Digital images from around the web, curations gathered, all in an effort to round up my feelings, emotions, and conversation highlights or lowlights or outtakes. This is what I’m doing.

I made zines in Vietnam. For the full length of my 20 month period of waiting for the pandemic to ‘end,’ I made zines. I studied a little, on my own, too. The language. Observed the street, as is my nature. Made a friend. Had a laugh. Cried a bit. Wrote books: End of the Rainbow, Solitude, and Reality and Trust. See Kismuth Books.

WHAT I WROTE. Stories that cropped up, and maybe weren’t ready enough to work on or think through to share. The feeling of a mood board has returned. Making something that allows new explorations to enter into the space. Yet, not getting caught up in forcing some associations or packaging it into any kind of box with any kind of label. Unboxing, in a way.

No label. No agenda. No hypothesis.

Just doing.

Daily. Here is my page for it on the Japanese version of Medium site, called Note.