17, 25 November | ‘Zine Showcase’ in Toul Tompoung

In the old days, maybe you used to buy a newspaper every morning, and read it while drinking your coffee. You could read, relax, and peruse the stories about people you might even know, in your community. You could enjoy the time alone, reading something fresh every single day about where you live, that was printed on paper and distributed to your favorite cafe. This simple ritual could put you in the right mood for the rest of the day, and help you feel more connected to the people around you. What if we could have that experience again? What if we could enjoy reading new and fresh stories about people around us, every day? It might be nice to have an option besides scrolling on social media. One answer for people who miss this printed media format is something called a ‘zine.’ A ‘zine; is short for ‘miniature magazine’.

What makes it better than a normal magazine? The short story is, it’s quite informal and because of that, the people who make it are not bound to publish only what the advertisers want to see. Maybe there are no ads. Maybe it’s just for fun. A zine is usually photocopied, and often, it’s distributed only very locally. There are festivals that celebrate zines in big cities all around the world. Sharing with those who care about supporting community venues, writers and artists are part of the reason why zines still exist.

If this sounds interesting, save the dates for ‘Zine Showcase.’

‘Belonging’ is one of the zines in the new collection, from S P A C E.

The full set will be available to peruse, read from, and buy at two events this month. The ‘Zine Showcase’ series will be held in Toul Tompoung, at the venue pictured in the first image below, which is Mr. Piccolo.

The venue is small so we have very limited seating. If you want to be sure to have a spot, please RSVP through this form.

Join us on either day.

  • Friday, November 17 from 10AM-12PM
  • Saturday, 25 November from 2PM-4PM

Tickets are USD5. Each ticket will come with a black-and-white copy of ‘Belonging.’

This is the master copy:


‘Belonging’ by Dipika Kohli is part of a new series of zines in S P A C E


About Atelier S P A C E

This event is hosted by me, I’m Dipika Kohli. I run Atelier S P A C E, which is a weekly zinemaking workshop that is held at beloved venues around Toul Tompoung. I’m  the founder of Design Kompany and I write Kismuth Books.

Learn more about Design Kompany’s Atelier S P A C E project and other experiences, at our social media pages. Here are those links.

We’ve collaborated with dozens of people to make zines over the last four years, and we love to work with new people to make the zines with us every week. I can share more about how it all works. Of course the best way to get to know about the project is to join the events to see them in person, but you can also check out this crowdfunding page for details.

More if interested, the way to start a conversation is to get in touch through this form. In the spirit of community journalism and trying new things, let’s see what we can collaboratively make, in person. Together. I did some interviews with people who love publishing, for ‘Publishing through the Decades,’ and you can read ‘Making a Magazine’ and ‘Making the News’.

Making the zines in the studio


This is the S P A C E Winter 2022/23 collection, ‘Lands on the Moon’.

Promote your business, events, or other listings in future issues

If you are in the area and interested in telling people in the neighborhood what you are doing, let us know. I can share the details of advertising rates with you. To start a conversation, you can use this form.

Looking forward to seeing you at ‘Zine Showcase.’