20 Sept | Expanding Windows

How to design the life you want

About this Event

From 2017-2019, I went to Finland, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia. To discover stories. In the world. By simply showing up to find out things, on my own. There was no one sponsoring this, aside from a handful of people who supported our crowdunding campaign for it. Not religious, no agenda. Just: seeking. Why? To find out the new things. This is how we expand windows. And create opportunities for ourselves. Why did you embark on such an ambitious project, DK? What did you learn? Who did you meet and what did they tell you? I’ll tell you. Check out some of these links, and see if you’re interested in what we are up to, around here, and if you find yourself saying, ‘Yes this is of interest to me,’ then join us on Sunday evening. Learn DK’s techniques and meet new people, at this one-time only conversation party for a maximum of 4 guests.

Ages 21+. Advance bookings only.

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