A Philosophy of the Moment


“Solitude helps you to convert your time into clarity of purpose.” – Sunday Adelaja


June 30, wow. Already this year is halfway over. Meantime I’ve been writing. Quietly, mostly alone, mostly apart from everything familiar…

Definitely a different kind of journey, this one. I’ve never lived anywhere this long in a block of time (a year and a half now), and it’s been… nothing short of revelatory. I mean in all the right ways, too.

So yeah.

Me being me, I’m writing the lessons into a… book, Solitude

It’s almost done.

It started with a zine.

This one. https://gumroad.com/designkompany?sort=newest#oNqtw

Expanding, continuing to explore. That’s the path. The way. For me, anyway. And such elaborations are how I do this. How, that is, I make more sequences of themed issues of the S P A C E zines, writing them into short books, occasionally, too.

But back to solitude…


S P A C E | ‘The Journey’ Cover: Van Tran, June 2021

“We need solitude, because when we’re alone, we’re free from obligations, we don’t need to put on a show, and we can hear our own thoughts.” –Tamim Ansary


…. something that I see now, though, is this. All this solitude, while lovely and difficult in its concoction of unique admixtures, is also coming to a close. I’m delighted to see reports that Vietnam is aiming to open its borders to vaccinated travelers soon. Wow. What does this mean? Well, a lot. Mayyybbeeee I will see some familiar faces again and speak in the languages I speak. Joking and generalities: I’ve missed them.

“Society is the cave. The way out is solitude.” –Simone Weil

So now? What to do? Hang out. Write. Finish the things. And, of course, cojournal. Naturally. I am inviting 4 to join me for a half-month Cojournal for July. Curious?

Here’s a link.




Quotes about solitude appearing above are taken from a listicle by ‘Kites & Roses.’ (Which prefaces the quotes by saying, ‘Often we live amid so much chaos that we forget to spend time alone. But spending time alone has its own benefits. It not only inspires us to know ourselves but also not to depend on others for our happiness.’) More: https://kitesandroses.com/solitude-quotes/

And you? Where are you, quietly? Comments are open, for a bit.