Look into the Mirror

eWorkshop: Look Into the Mirror

I’m well. How are you? Things are good? Good. I’m working on the prompts for the next series of this eWorkshop that I call The Mirror. 

It gives the people who opt-in a chance to discover, together and individually, what it is that is most important to each of us who join. We talk in forums, or on email and get more and more comfortable with the themes and topics as we go. There have been half a dozen since I got started with this in 2018. When people sign up, they often are looking to make a structured space and time for real reflection. I’m the accountability partner, in that way. I make the prompts to write to that are based on emerging conversations, both amongst the group and on side threads with email correspondences or the meet ups I real life in Phnom Penh, too. We have been through so much together, as the pandemic changed how we spend our time and with whom, and how we evaluate where to put our energy. And attention.