An event. On 29 May. S P A C E party x conversation salon… below is the outline of what we are doing to wrap our six weeks in Latvia up… back again in 2020 for the writing project in Ventspils…

Being here this spring was a warm-up, getting our feet wet, getting the sense of place. Learning. Sharing. Discovering. Prototyping the book we will co-create with people next year, by publishing a few chapters. Why come? Why discover? To practice all of the above, but mostly, to practice one more, very important important thing: listening. I really enjoyed hosting ‘Art of Conversation’ when I first had arrived, with artist, and owner of Tortik Time, Zina Olehnoviča.

Somehow, in our heads, it thus makes sense to wrap our sequence for 2019 here in this city with a last popup installation, an event that is a conversation salon and sharing about the process of making these zines.. more about this below. We’ll host it just down the street from the venue of ‘Art of Conversation,’ this time, we’ll have S P A C E | Rīga at Aleponija.

Here is a chance for some whose paths we might have crossed with here to get to meet one another. A journey, in a way, but also, a moment to celebrate that thing that DK most loves: the chance encounter.

To the journeys !

And meet us, if you like, in the… up!~ 

We’ll have the zines with us but the only copy that exists in the world of ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ is currently on sale, at Roberts Books.


Readers, writers, designers, artists, curators, and publishers: this is S P A C E.

At this once-off event, you can meet Design Kompany and the friends here whom we have discovered while in Rīga for the last six weeks.

You’ll be able to: learn about self-publishing, and tap into DK’s 20+ years of writing and working independently. Ask questions. Discover. DK travels to cities of Southeast Asia and Northern Europe to make issues of the weekly mini-magazine, ‘S P A C E.’ This party is to launch the recently created new issues in our series. They are: S P A C E | Rīga, ‘Sunny Side of the Street,’ S P A C E | Rīga, ‘Drift,’ and S P A C E | Rīga, ‘The Weather Report.’ DK aims to create a safe, welcoming space for new and different others to connect & interconnect, one conversation at a time. This is the work of Atelier S P A C E, mini-parties, salons, installations, and our weekly magazine. As such, we’ll read from the the stories we’ve been writing and publishing since mid-April, which are set right here. Especially popular, so far, are: ‘Sn_wfall’ and ‘Love is Boring’. You’ll have a chance to read them.

Here is a light schedule for the evening…

S P A C E | Rīga

. 7PM ‘Do-it-yourself’ Philosophy. A conversation on: DIY publishing, travel, nomadism, concepting, art & design.
. 8PM Reading from part of ‘Sn_wfall,’ the lead story of S P A C E | Rīga, ‘The Weather Report’
. 9PM Gifts and closing comments

S P A C E | Rīga will be hosted by Dipika Kohli and A. Spaice.

You’ll have a chance to experience what others in Copenhagen, Hanoi, London, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, and Helsinki have already experienced in similar small circles. Discover it. Experience it.

Expect the unexpected !

Register here.


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