IN A PAST ISSUE OF S P A C E I WROTE, ‘I STAYED UP far too late last night reading a short story about loneliness.’ I had no idea this topic would come to dominate a month of real life conversations on the road in Southeast Asia over the winter. But it did.  Some part of me was totally depressed reading how the main character in the story was so lonely he paid someone to watch him on video stream on his laptop. But then, going around the gleaming city (of Singapore, at the time of the writing), each day, watching people with their own portable screens and streaming on the go, I got less sad. This is the reality we are in. We can’t talk to each other, face to face; that’s too weird. It has to be vetted, now, first.

SELF lets you prioritize time for thinking critically about who you really are.

ART. It continued with a bit of a stream of consciousness. Which went like this. ‘The shape of space of the evening was total alienation; bizarre and disjointed. It was, however, a theatrical rendition of the modern mindscape. We are bedazzled by spectacles, but we can’t see the presence of the thing that is the true miracle, which is this moment of a shared here and now.

What is there to do but to continue to make S P A C E, for real life, the framing of the magic of chance connections, and the ongoing awakening that can happen, if we let it, when people who notice the detail of now and the slowing of a full moment in which no other pictures or sounds or other people’s annotated commentaries on That Which They Deem Interesting can eclipse this here…

Who cares about what a friend, colleague, boss, or lover thinks or shares at a distance, far from me? I care about here. Now. If you walk into this stage, for even a second, there it will begin, the play.’

ART OF YOU. SELF 2018. I am just starting to invite applications for SELF, so that we can build the high functioning interactive community I am starting to understand that S P A C E wants to shape itself into becoming. Years in Seattle and Raleigh-Durham socializing with tech entrepreneurs, business developers, architects, and designers has biased DK towards that sort of group which finds a foothold in the intellectual dimension. But it is very important for us to invite other kinds of people to connect with this set, so we can all grow a little more, in new ways, together. That is why I am offering SELF again. All our programmes now necessarily will have this as a prerequisite… They will all now start with SELF.

A 1:DK conversation. By application.

2018. I realize I need to place SELF back on our shelf of offerings. The course SELF was commissioned by a San Francisco-based group that was working on leadership development for young entrepreneurs in Asia. Preference is for those who’ve not tried DK workshops, so kindly share this info, if it’s not for you, to someone who would resonate with the ideas outlined at this page: ✨🔥  

Why is it important? Ask me through the application form below, and I’ll share a PDFs, plus a quote from the book Leading, by a famous football coach, that might shed some insight on that all-important question. Yes? Say hi.


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