I WAS GOING to spend time today writing an interesting, important blog post. About my journey to this country (Latvia, at the moment), and the things I have learned here. It was going to be articulate, long-winded, perhaps, but also intriguing (I hoped) and if I did it right, a little funny. The point was to sum up all the learning I have had, and there was a ton, in this study-abroad-esque moment of being in the city, walking around, visiting people and places over and over and over again until I felt like I could gather impressions to the point where I could say something that might be, well, useful, or at least, a little bit of a nudge to people I kept meeting that might get them thinking, perhaps, a bit, in a different kind of way.

What happened was a reverse reaction, in a nutshell. I learned. More. About. New things. Than I have ever learned, in any other place, in such a short timeframe. In my life.

There is more to say about this.

But I will save the words for tonight’s show.

Invitation-only, this time. I changed the venue to keep things simple. Realized I just wanted to include a handful of people. People who made me think. In other words, the subjects of the stories that we are sharing in our magazines.

Just a handful. Just these five… all of them welcome, no need for tickets, as my personal guests. A good way to roll the dice, I think, rather than get caught up in the work of event-running and forgetting that the art is… us.

On this night, we will gather with:






I hope…


DK: [Aside, to M, in a kind manner] Lūdzu.