I shared an email today with a handful of people…

It was a short note, following up, with those we missed at ‘N’ when we came to Bangkok for it in 2015. The big idea was to invite 16 strangers to meet, but briefly, and once.

These were the tickets:

Tickets for 16N in Bangkok


It was amazing to see who came forth, saying ‘yes’, and joining in.

Actually they were brilliant, curious, wonderful and inquisitive. All of them. That, for all the ‘N’ events, I think… So far we’ve hosted 8 of them, in different cities.

Sure, it was a very oddball self-selecting style of invitation: we had a lovely occasion of discovery, and that was that. The story continued, but in small side conversations, with some of them, over the next five years.

Related posts for ‘N’ Bangkok, including the doubt leading up to it. Weird and funny, looking back at it all.

Was amazing, actually.

Like all of the ‘N’s, truly. It takes sticking-with-it, for sure, and not-quit zazzle, but I think, in a way, that’s DK’s thing.

Now we’re back.

And we’re hosting another event, this time, on Saturday…


Why S P C

We are starting to shift, and change, more and more, over here at DK.

Still gathering people but not in the performance-art style that was, say, the likes of 16N, but more like collaborative co-creative opportunity-making moments. By design. That’s our thing, around here: moments and design. In other words, spacemaking for that thing that we love, the ‘designful moment.’

Here are some images from our old archives, documenting our journey to find guests to invite to ‘N’. Way back in 2015, can’t quite believe that.




Lately we are meeting our old and new friends for conversations, discovered in the same way we found our guests for ‘N’. Things are much smaller in scale and irregular in frequency, but we are in BKK for this one on Saturday.

More about the event, S P C | Bangkok, ‘Miniparty’ is here: https://designkompany.com/22-feb-s-p-c-bangkok-miniparty/

Register to join DK and possibly 1-2 others!

Here is a link..