87% battery

I guess you can always plug in.

I am plugging in, today. I am rested, happy, energized. I have been in good communications with the handfuls of people who, near and far, ‘get’ it what I am up to here. I am researching and discovering that I have a ‘thing’ to share, a ‘thing’ that is an actual service-product-good thing, that is. I mean, what I am saying here is, I finally came up with something that is not just Art Project #423 by DK.

I mean, wow.

I thought the ateliers and workshops were ‘real services and goods’ that would do the thing everyone told me I had to do. Solve their problem.

‘How is this going to make my life better? And how is it different from what’s already out there?’

Dammit, I said. Let them figure it out! Can’t people see quality?





‘No, DK. They can’t.’

No, they actually are too overwhelmed, by this many words, even, on a small post. For me this is really short, ladies and gentlemen. This is like. This is like, well, a memo.

I write a lot. A hell of a lot. Most of it is terrible. That’s fine. That’s how we get better. And now I understand that my offering for the people who want to take part in the process of writing or creating and getting into the throes of it, whilst falling down and stumbling and wondering what you see when your face is next to the earth and grass and caterpillars and stuff like that mix into your viewpoint and you go, ‘Huh. There’s other stuff, then,’ and your nonlinear inquisitiveness takes you on another train, another plane, another adventure, and another beginning.

Well, wow.


‘It’s too… smart for me.’ ‘WTF? You have a PhD!?’

Today I am following up on the 47 invitations I made to people who have been quietly observing, I think, or paying attention on my email threads, because they sometimes signed up for stuff, and sometimes said they wanted to, and I am a follower-upper, because if there is anything I learned from 20 years of doing it yourself, it’s that, you just gotta keep saying, ‘I care about this thing, and I’m starting it.’ Like four people will go, Cool. They show up. I love these people.

And then, a few years later, you say, to the ones who didn’t but were kinda thinking about it, you say, ‘Man, you know what? This is getting cool, and I would love you to take part.’ Some more show up. That’s nice. This is when it feels like it’s blossoming, a bit. I have a lot of people to thank for this second tier of joinment. And yeah. Then, then things iterate, develop, build, you take into account the complaints and you factor in the praises and you do both things with a grain of salt. Then you make a cake.




And when you have it really ready, like, honestly good and ready, you make a landy-page-y thingy



The next things are next

Lessons from 7 years of iterating… well, okay. I’ll save that for the first email, from this very brand new list. Let’s see who wants to come to the table, have a conversation with me and a few others, in virtual space.

HT M, S, F, and… J. Thanks for showing up. Long spells and breaks are, I guess, kinda normal. Still, when it’s important, I know you will and do.

Show up, I mean.

Means a lot to me.


KE, still on for the partial differential equations convo. Hit me up? I can’t wait..