I don’t use social media so I have no idea what has been happening in the lives of neighbors. Instead, I just invite a few usual folks to meet, sometimes, to talk in real time. Synched

Out of the box

Naturally it’s a little bit of an effort to do this, and as the pandemic goes on and on (and on), I feel less and less interested in making that effort. Still, conversations in person matter to me. I love when we burst into laughter and it feels like the 1990s. Others have seemed to really enjoy this, too. It’s human, after all. It is a nice thing. I think the world needs more of this. Occasions to connect, not in a transactional way, but in an organic way. The Third Place isn’t work, and it isn’t home. That’s why I like the concept. (Wikipedia has more).

Sometimes the few people whom I happen to meet are ready, open, and willing to meet one another. When this happens and I also happen to be in the mood for the same, that’s the time when I muster the energy for it. To host a Third Place. Even if it’s just 2 of us, that’s fine. The point is to do it. That’s my philosophy, anyway.

It will be at a secret location (usually in TTP since ‘The Third Place’ and ‘Toul Tompoung’ feel like they go together, aesthetically).

There is a registration page. Also: Max 4.

Register here