Numerous articles across the web spelling out the usefulness of a ‘culture of innovation’ at work point to the same set of principles, if one was to look closely. You need to have trust. And safety.

Emotional safety is good to have at home or if you are an inspirational, visionary leader. And psychological safety is good to have no matter who you are, with whom you are building something together with. Because these things lead to vulnerability being okay to have, and show. And that means, you can really move towards making something truly great, not just mediocre. I want to talk about mediocrity, a little, but first, really, let’s focus on this culture of innovation stuff. The articles I’m reading, as I said, have been pointing at the same thing. And the same articles about breeding creativity in young minds, for parents who are interested in doing that kind of important work, and not just winging it like [deleted], then yes, you can see there are overlaps here. Trust and safety. Safety and trust. where else is it important t have these? Love relationships, of course. Good friendships. Or any relationships, for that matter, which count, in your heart. If you want to be a person whom people feel like spending time with, pay attention to the way you create space for them to feel safe, and trust you. Not be someone they don’t want to even see because you’re too closed off, with your fixed mindset.

How to begin to understand exactly what one means when one says ‘a culture of innovation’?

Asking yourself about what you do to push the envelope, to use a phrase we often hear in American business. Asking yourself if you allow yourself to go out of your comfort zone. Or others to, safely, give it a go when it comes to trying something new and different. This is also where cultural sensitivity comes in; are you shutting out ideas because you harbor implicit bias?

Culture of innovation. What is it?

Companies where every leader has the same exact ‘look’, and there’s no diversity, are usually ones where nothing interesting or creative is going on, inside. Let’s be real. We’ve all seen it.

In their article about creating an innovative culture posted on Indeed, a job searching site many people use in North America, there is a note about dependability.

  • Be dependable. Follow through and keep promises to allow others to rely on you.

Do you do this?


Be honest. Ask yourself, ‘Is who I’m prioritizing very important, after all, to the meaningful work I want to pursue in my career, through my job, and for my employees?’

Or are you doing what we say in American slang, which is, are you just spinning your wheels.