Inspired by Epicurus


‘Origin’ 2014 gathered strangers for a conversation on this topic in Phnom Penh. Since then. ‘Origin’ has also been hosted by DK in Hanoi, again in Phnom Penh, and in Bangkok.


S P A C E | Winter 2019-2020, ‘Project Epicurus’

THE FEELING, to expand, of what? Of wanting friends to connect in real life, to feel (ideally) a freedom from the need to make a living so that they could be together and also, to be able to analyze life.

OUT OF THE BOX. I know that’s all very out of the box for a lotta lotta people, most of those I’ve met, to be honest, so far in my journeys in life. They’re not interested. They pretend to be ‘busy,’ but what are they busy with? Their phones? The relationships that change every four months? The cities in which they are not really talking to anyone, but rather, staying in touch by the digital leash that’s in their pockets? I’ve asked this question on more than one occasion, hosting ‘True Connection,’ and ‘Choices,’ and later, ‘The Shape of Space.’ I’m not sure how to tackle answering everything, but maybe it’s not the answers that matter, at all. Especially today, inquiring together into the ‘how’ of making better spaces for real connection, I believe, is important.

Things. There are things that are more important than just… subsisting. But handfuls of people are joining DK here in S P A C E, and that must mean that there is a kernel of a hope that some of us are still writing poetry, still inquiring into the vastness of things, still curious, open, and engaged (and wanting to engage) with a wider world than just… existence itself.


Rooftop Philosophy in Phnom Penh. See all of our upcomings.



WE ARE IN A COOL TIME, in a way. As much as I give out about the internet, well, it brought us into this space together, didn’t it? And we can converse. Interactively. It doesn’t have to be weird or hard. I want to try to build towards that, as we go. Maybe a destination conversation salon sequence, wherever in the world there might be a critical mass of us. Or start something. Or rove about. Well, who knows. It’s a very interesting time. I am meeting people from their laptops emerging into real-life space, and wow, it’s cool. It’s… remarkable. (Note: I’m not talking about meetup or tindr. I’m talking about… weirdo salons and things like 16N, which, at the time of this writing*, just wrapped in Hanoi.)

*Editors Note: June 2017.


Discover S P A C E…

AN INVITATION. Given what we’ve learned about how to host space for dialogue (sometimes they’re called ‘workshops,’ sometimes they’re ‘salons’ but generally, they’re all about making space for quality reflection and getting to hear other peoples’ points of view), yeah. Given all of this, I wanted to share with you, about the 12 September starting point of a whole new sequence of online conversations.  Not for everyone, but… I’m… excited to try to make this happen, anyway. Epicurus.

More about this will be shared *only* through the conversations just starting in our online orientation for S P A C E. Meet us there?