A new mini gallery. A new S P A C E.

This week we have had some great, great conversations already about the nature of how we connect. ‘We’ as in people who like great connexion, but also, recognize that most of the time you are walking into territory where you have no idea who is for real, and who is faking.

Yeah. I wrote that.

Who is for real.

And who is faking.


DK’s next event in HCMC will be an opening reception for our new Minigallery. It will be for members of S P A C E, only. (Next week’s issue of S P A C E will be our catalog for it.)

Thanks in advance for being part of this evolving story, if you have been ‘in’ on things, lately, here at DK | HCMC. Wow. Can’t believe I’m writing that. ‘DK | HCMC.’ Has a nice ring to it.