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A shared curiosity for new things and an untempered zest for ‘going towards them’ led the pair on journeys near and far.

Currently DK is based in Phnom Penh. But it started officially in Seattle, where agile design methods influenced the studio very much.

DK began in Seattle in 2005. A design studio registered with LLC and an office, plus an $800 laser printer, proper chair, a laptop, a desktop, and a fax machine. (Yes. A ‘fax.’)

‘People noticed us,’ says DK. ‘Waking by on the street– we had a big window with a giant sign stenciled on, so yeah.. People called us because we had a blog that they seemed to like. Then, there began to be internet searches that turned us up if you looked for ‘Seattle’ and ‘branding.’ At least, that’s what they told us.’

Stuff started to fall into place.

Soon, a pattern emerged.

The work that DK was commissioned for started to be of a similar ilk.

It was mostly identity design, and mostly for architects or software engineers.