About Design Kompany

Design Kompany was founded by Dipika Kohli.

This was in Seattle in 2004.

Many people have joined in on collaborative projects over the years, including: a mix of web designers and developers; illustrators, photographers; copywriters; and marketing consultants.

At its core, DK builds a team for each project that focuses directly on the client’s specific needs. Everyone is different, and every style is welcome. We start with getting clear on the ‘why’ about your work. Why do you do what you do? Why does it matter? Why should people care? We start with conversations that go very deep into these questions, then pick a team to help execute the designs for branding, brand strategy, and bigger picture programs like marketing strategy, too. We work with small business owners, or partner with marketing departments of small businesses.


Anything is possible

Sometimes we work with international development organizations for ‘design thinking’ programs. It’s all a matter of connecting first, to see what’s ready to make, together, and what to build that’s elegantly shaped, too.

Since its inception, DK has collaborated with architects, developers, designers, and NGOs, and has been featured on publications and online media like Processed Identity, GOOD, Idealist, Displaced Nation, and dozens of small, independent community newspapers and magazines. And DK is continuing to grow its presence globally through partnerships with groups that are aware that you can’t come up with great ideas if you do things the way you’ve always done them.

First impressions matter. Make them *magical*.


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