Great design starts with a great concept. But to get to that, you need to make time. To slow down, reflect, and discover.

Design and brand identity design

That’s where Design Kompany can help.

Once you’re clear on your concept, the sky’s the limit, from there.

I’m Dipika Kohli.

I founded Design Kompany with Akira Morita as an LLC in Seattle in 2005. Though, we had been working informally for people we knew, before that, in southwest Ireland and the southeastern United States.


A focus on curiosity, staying open, and learning as we go

Staying open to the possibilities of being changed by what you hear: that’s curiosity, that’s listening, and that’s the mindset that works best when entering into conversations with Design Kompany.  Together we discover, we learn, we adapt. This is how I approach all my design projects. Things start with one question: ‘What would a collaboration with DK look like, for you, if it was “wildly successful”?’ Anything is possible. The most common story I hear when I meet with people now is this: It’s so nice to have space. To just talk.  You’d be surprised what worlds can open, from there. If you’d like, let’s start a conversation.

Here is my TEDx, ‘There’s Not That Much Time Left.’



I’ve also been an invited speaker to talk about branding and the design process to a business incubation group at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and to be a panelist at the AIGA Raleigh group’s meetup for business owners on how to approach brand identity design. I was invited by a client of ours at the time, who was an architect, to give a seminar on the same topic for a Northwest group of local architects in Seattle at a meetup of CORA Northwest at the offices of Mithun. I delivered ‘Just Be You’. Later, I was invited to design and facilitate a 9-week program for people in their twenties to think about what they ‘really wanted to do in life’ outside of social expectations, so I created S P A C E and SELF, based loosely on Open Space Technology methods and personal adaptations learned from jazz jam sessions and the creative process of writing and journalistic inquiry, too. I did this for VIA Programs at Stanford University. Just as the pandemic was starting, I was invited to make a workshop, which I called ‘Expanding Windows’, that was part of a series of events over a week in Dalat that was organized by the British Council of Vietnam. Even though it meant I got ‘stuck’ in VN for 20 months, haha, it was a way for me to actually stop and do what I later said to friends was ‘me expanding my window.’

Fun, zest, and care go into my creative process, approach, and style. I also love to collaborate with people who care about these things, too. Architects, software engineers, and other process-oriented professionals tend to be a good fit for DK.



The evolving role of our graphic design + brand messaging studio, Design Kompany

The role of Design Kompany, no matter where this studio lands in the world, and I can elaborate on that momentarily, seems to almost always land in a unique position. A catalyst for conversations, and a space for hosting dialogues that build community. It’s something that naturally emerges, wherever DK is. This work to make conversations that help people identify their ‘why’ and core values started in Southwest Ireland in 2001, when I was part of a small team of people creating a weekly newspaper. The community aspect of how we share what’s going on, meaningfully not superficially, through words and photos, through design and the printed word, was a marvelous part of the doing.

This work continues, today, with projects at Atelier S P A C E, Design Kompany, and elsewhere, always in collaboration with new and different others whose perspectives broaden our own.

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Updated: July 2024