A short real-life lecture today.

Thank you for joining us.

It will go roughly as follows..

Expanding Windows

By Dipika Kohli

  • How I found the title of this talk* – 10 min
  • Expanding Windows – 20 min
    What this means, and
    How it can be applied
  • ‘Small circle’ breakout to dialogue with one another, on this idea

 break – 5 min

  • Atelier S P A C E, the 2-year journey – 15 min
  • Turning points and reflections – 10 min
  • Q&A – 30 min

*The title of this talk came from an unexpected first-time conversation in Bangkok in late February with the Arts & Culture editor of a 20-year old magazine.

Dipika Kohli will share with you what she and that editor discussed, and why it is relevant here today. (Hint: Opening new perspectives, from which to explore fresh lines of thinking). They talked about discovery and also co-discovery.

‘But how does it work, DK?’

High Tatras, 2019

To illustrate this idea with a real-life example, DK will outline four stories from the 2-year journey she completed from 2017-2019 that was called Atelier S P A C E. She co-created more than 50 ‘zines’ with people she did not know in places like: Finland; Slovakia; Latvia, Cambodia; Thailand; and cities around Vietnam, too. The idea was to discover. To try to co-create ‘zines’ in each place. And to publish every week. This wasn’t as straightforward as it sounds, however, and DK will share the turning points in the story along the way. There will be more to say about this, for sure. In small, inner circles in real life. And beyond. We’ll carry forward the conversations, online at DK’s interactive papers project.

DK’s team will publish a new special issue of S P C, so that we can share the learnings from a week of reflections on the journeys through S P C in this coming Tuesday’s issue of our e-mag. It’ll be S P C | *Secret Location*, ‘Expanding Windows.’ It’ll be our 64th issue.

This is the sketch for the cover…

Issue #64, ‘Expanding Windows’


HT F, P, N. #projectepicurus To the journeys! ✨ ✨