Tomorrow in S P C we share a very special story of the journey behind-the-scenes of one of Cambodia's most respected tech startups. It's called ArrowDot. DK has the story.

It’s been eight years, already, since the company called ArrowDot here in Cambodia got started.

The way that happened, and how we intersected paths with them for a shared spot of time in the early months of 2017, plus what an influential local leader who first incubated them had to say about their earliest days–these are the quilted anecdotes that DK has patched together for this Tuesday’s issue of S P C. It’s called S P C | Phnom Penh, ‘Grit.’

Its lead story is, ‘Current Flows.’

It’s not your ordinary tech startup story, though.

It’s about how grit gets us through the important moments, and what that looks like, for a small team that began as students wondering where the robotics courses were at their university, and today, are teaching those things to the next generation of electronics engineers. This is a fly-on-the-wall kind of style of story, with DK watching, waiting, wondering, from the sidelines until, here we are, the magic moment, we reconnected by sheer chance and found ArrowDot in real life, welcoming us, showing us their new office digs, and telling us what’s what, behind the scenes of a startup’s journey.

S P C | Phnom Penh, ‘Grit’ is Issue #61 of our weekly e-mag, S P C.

World release tomorrow!

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