Call for applications to join Atelier S P A C E’s ‘An Ecology of the Moment’, a Winter 2023/24 virtual program to make zines

Winter 2023/24’s season of S P A C E has a different type of theme. It’s ‘An Ecology of the Moment.’ This winter, in addition to real-life meetups in Phnom Penh, DK is hosting the virtual Atelier S P A C E, too. That means you can be part of co-creating zines for the series S P A C E.

Make zines with me in virtual meetups to co-create, discover ideas and themes, and discuss in dialogues along the way. It’s this part of ‘content creation’ that I personally love. The kind where we really talk together and enjoy the banter that comes when we show up for it. Meaningfully, not superficially.

In addition to real life showcases of the zines produced in past seasons, to be held in Phnom Penh, this virtual conversation will be a gateway for those who are just finding Design Kompany’s Atelier S P A C E to be part of an ongoing, international, progressively more sophisticated asynchronous-by-design conversation. A conversation with a center, and not sides.

Ready to be part of things?

Find out more when you apply.

S P A C E is light, agile, and makes itself each week based on conversations between participants in the ateliers. For details of what the goals are for the magazine we make each week, see the crowdfunding page for Atelier S P A C E.

Here’s a link.


Update: November 2023