Atelier S P A C E invited to Portland Zine Symposium 2024

I’m so excited.

We’ve been invited to share our zines at the PDX Zine Symposium this summer! This is a milestone moment as it was there, many years ago, that I got introduced to the very unique interpretations people in that city have of ‘zines’. I am never at a loss of words of praise when it comes to that organization and that festival, putting on a great show. Here’s their website:

First issue of S P A C E was S P A C E | Battambang / DK 2017


Atelier S P A C E’s Summer of Zinery in northern Finland / DK 2018


Atelier S P A C E’s collection of 2022 Zines / DK 


Guests reading zines at
‘Today I Love You’ in Durham NC USA/ DK 2012

More pictures from the journeys of zining, for members of S P A C E, next issue. Subscription details are at the end of this page.