Soon, in Paris.

Artist Marine Ky, a friend of DK’s in Paris, will host this unique, once-off ‘zinemaking’ atelier. You’ll have a chance to hear the story of how she created the works also on display at the venue, as her solo exhibition is running currently, too. Expect the unexpected, along with: sewing, cutting, collaging, making, and trying out things by hand. She is a printmaker expert in etching, who loves to incorporate textiles in her art practice

DK met her in Phnom Penh, and fell into a conversation quite easily about all of the things that we both care about: art, making, chance encounters, conversation salons, and that awkward question about ‘where are you from.’ We collaborated to co-host events in Phnom Penh including ‘Origin’ at the Embassy of Bulgaria.


Art is in the sharing

I’m a great fan of her works, as well, which have the layers to them that showcase the attention to detail and excellence that can only come with practice, and a lot of it. Especially refreshing in an era of fast-paced relentlessness and distractedness, and a push to ‘commodify’ something before you even get anywhere halfway decent at it.

I’m all for agile development, don’t get me wrong, DK is a work-in-progress on exactly that philosophy, but it’s really nice, isn’t it, when you see someone dedicate their time and practice longitudinally, committing to the refinement and discovery within the creative process that reveals, further, more niche and more delicate levels of possibility that only those who are versed in the tools of that craft can appreciate.

(Side story: Much like the time I showed my pictures of wooden temples that I took in Japan, pictures of wooden temples, that is to say, made without nails, to my joinery friend Paul Stephenson in Ireland… I recall the way he had studied these 3.5″x5″ prints (yes, prints: my medium back then was photography and I was a nerd about matte finishes, and that sort of thing)… the way he studied that which was there, communicating with him through the years, in a photograph that I took offhandedly, pretty much… but the how and the beauty of the art of that maker’s hand was clear to him. In a way that sometimes you can intuit, but it’s very tough to put into words.)

Seeing Marine Ky’s sewn works, collaged fabrics, and I think some white gloves, with something on them, I can’t recall every detail but the feeling is still with me: a feeling of history, of sharing, of richness and complexity, of caring. Saw them on display in Phnom Penh in a frame, gave me this same pause and a quick gasp: ‘This is beautiful. This is art.’

See for yourself

And on that note, I invite you to see for yourself what is on display currently in Paris. DK are pleased to share with our friends in that city this unique, once-off, first-time-in-Paris edition of Atelier S P A C E. Included are lunch, conversation (I’m certain it will be great, given my past experience with meandering conversations with Marine Ky), and even a cutting-and-zinemaking mini-workshop. More information to follow, but RSVP is kindly requested. RSVP through the form below.

Atelier S P A C E| Paris

What: A zinemaking atelier. Once-off. Conversation salon cum cuttng-fabric-and-zining workshop.
Hosted by: Marine Ky
Location: At the venue also featuring her solo exhibition.
Time: 11.30AM – 1PM
Date: Saturday, February 16
Address: 8 Passage du Grand Cerf, 75002
Tickets:  Euro 20,  including workshop fee,  lunch, and zinemaking materials. Payable at the door. Limited seats. RSVP through the form below for the official invitation.

** Apportez de chez vous ce que vous souhaitez partager avec nous pendant l’atelier. **

Further details to follow, at our upcomings. (Also join our mailing list for updates and exclusives.)