Movement and zines

From Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019, DK traveled to cities of Southeast Asia and Northern Europe to look for new people we did not know yet and invite them to co-create with us to make ‘zines.’

‘Trust the process’

We wanted to connect with people we did not know. We also wanted to interconnect those who didn’t know each other.  In conversational, low-key dialogue-spaces. If things went well, we might make an issue together of our mini-mag, S P A C E. That was the idea. Some of the time it worked, kind of. Most of the time it was learning, by doing, much in the way every project has been for us at DK. We are all about ‘learning by doing’ and the experiential portions of all our client works, too. It’s how it is for us: it’s our life.


Well, it went all kinds of directions from the original intent, but there’s a lot more to report behind-the-scenes if we have a chance to sit down and have a long chat, in person. Because the emergent story was always the best kind. Not preplanned, just let to happen.

If and when.

It made itself.

Not always, but sometimes.

And that is how we did the things in S P A C E, to make these zines in our online store.

ATELIER S P A C E 2017-2019

writers & artists

Michael Bridgett, Jr.
Lee Moore Crawford
Paavo Heinonen
Saqib Jan
Alexis Jokela
Dipika Kohli
Akira Morita
Benjamin Nwaneampeh
Aske Pedersen
Ronan Kyle Peterson
Nils don Sihvola
Rastislav Somora
A. Spaice
Kan Tomizawa
Reijo Valta
Stacia Yearwood
Jānis Žguts

Concept design &
art direction

Michael Bridgett, Jr.
Dipika Kohli
Jānis Žguts

Special thanks to

Blue Star Guesthouse Kanchanaburi
Cafe Onni Kärsämäki
The Coco’nuts Rīga
Feeka Coffee Roasters Kuala Lumpur
AIR Frosterus Kärsämäki
Jade Hotel Huế
Gader Guitars Blatnica
Guests of ‘Slow Moment’ & The Mirror 2018′
Kahvila Tuokio Oulu
Kaltio Magazine Oulu
kuš! Comics Rīga
Benjamin Nwaneampeh London
Oulu Arts Festival Oulu
Roberts Books Rīga
Rosa Hostel Đà Lạt
Sii Coffee Hanoi
XuAn Studio Hanoi
Zina Olehnoviča Tortik Time Rīga



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