A two-year project concludes. From Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019, DK traveled to cities of Southeast Asia and Northern Europe. We wanted to connect people who didn’t know each other. And whom we didn’t know (yet). In conversational, low-key dialogue-spaces. If things went well, we might make an issue together of our mini-mag, S P A C E. Well, it went all kinds of directions from the original intent, but there’s a lot more to report behind-the-scenes if we have a chance to sit down and have a long chat, in person. Because the emergent story was always the best kind. Not preplanned, just let to happen. If and when. It made itself. Not always, but sometimes. And that is how we did the things in S P A C E, to make the zines.


Now, with the new work ahead, DK want to explore zinemaking more than we have in the past. Collaboratively. We want to really give this time, so people can see that a short-form publication made together with people in a collaborative manner can teach us things about how to listen, how to engage deeply, how to co-create, how to invite the new, the spontaneous, and make a thing that is more than just a bunch of individual pages stapled together… But a unified, cohesive work. ‘I want to grow this up a bit,’ says A. Spaice. ‘Professionally typeset things. Hire translators. Commission artists. Print on nice paper. Send anthologies around to supporters. ‘I’m ready to come back and share what I’ve learned. With others. Who also want to play. Learn, share. Make, do. Zines are a way, for me, to illustrate the how of trying something new, on the spot, quickly, prototyping, but also, voila! The magic moment. And you know how much I love that.’