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Invite-only mini-party S P A C E | Phnom Penh

19 November, 2018 @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

USD $7.50 – USD $10

LAST TIME, there wasn’t an agenda. It was free-flow and jazzy, a starry feeling. I loved the mix of people whose paths might not have crossed, and the pairings that happened in their own organic, cool way. Nobody knew anybody else, not really, though they might have ‘seen that person around here and there over the years.’ But this is not a report about last time. This is a conversation-starting space for next time. Invite-only, once again, but this time, we have an agenda. Repeat: This time, we have an agenda. I’ll send it, when you RSVP. But you have to be invited. So yeah. There’s that.

WHO GETS INVITED. I get to decide.

‘Designers Korner,’ Seattle 2006-9

Those in Seattle who might happen to be reading will know: the stuff of Designers’ Korner, of Pop!, and Gather, and Sugar, and Dazzle, and Flourish, and, and, and. In Durham, there was Aether, there was Make, there was Scale. Do you all remember the #DurhamTweetup? That was too big! I didn’t want to get it to be so big, after that, so that’s why I made tickets. Enter ‘State of Publishing.’ Hoo boy. In Phnom Penh, Math + Jazz, Ennui, Beauty, ’16N,’ and ‘Hello August,’ to name a few. Still at it. Still making S P A C E for people to converge, connect, and have an amazing time, I hope, getting to know others (and also, themselves). Gets kind of metaphysical, at its best. But at its best its Art, which, to me looks like this:

Art, at its best, is a conversation; one in which sender and receiver are locked in a timeless, wordless space, the quality of which only they can know.

Something I learned by watching MT, a long time ago, on a stage, in a park somewhere in California.

Hit me up through the form below? USD $7.50-10, comes with a ‘zine.’


19 November, 2018
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
USD $7.50 – USD $10
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