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New zine: S P A C E || Århus

1 November, 2018


“You wonder what I am doing?” asked T. E. Lawrence. “Well, so do I, in truth. days seem to dawn, suns to shine, evenings to follow, and then I sleep. What I have done, what I am doing, what I am going to do, puzzle and bewilder me. Have you ever been a leaf and fallen from your tree in autumn and been really puzzled about it? That’s the feeling.” –TEL in a letter to Eric Kensington, 6 May 1935.

This story is inspired by Fear and Happiness and is written in S P A C E with Aske Pedersen, the author of that guest blog post. Illustrated by Dipika Kohli in photos and asemic writing pieces inspired by conversations through Inktober with poet Reijo Valta.

Read more about the zine and how to order it, here.

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1 November, 2018
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Design Kompany

I feel that in a world bombarded with images and noise, so many articulate, intelligent, and curious creative people are simply unable to discover each other.

I wanted to do something about that.

So, since 2014, I’ve been gathering people just like that by simply putting event ideas here, on Eventbrite. And ‘let’s just see what happens’ kind of jam sessions of extraordinary connexion somehow, from this intent, just… pop out and become real.

I love this.

New and different others crossing paths *by design*. I host. It’s fun.

We meet.

For a short time.

Just once.

In S P A C E.

Experience it.

‘OK, but what does it look like, DK?’

‘At the beginning? This:’