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S P A C E | Hanoi

30 July @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Update: Location details fixed for 30 July.

Re-release of the S P A C E | Hanoi story, ‘Unnecessary Jackets.’ Read and discover the making of mini-magazines each week. We are distributing them internationally at our online store. We are also publishing things in real life, when we have a chance to make S P A C E. In real life. Together.

Are you ready to try something new? Experience S P A C E | Hanoi. Max 4. Guests are welcome to bring a +1, for free. Secret location. We’ll share where when you register. Questions or comments welcome.

THE PUBLIC SPACE. If you google ‘the third place’ you’ll see what we want to make room for. We want to reclaim those things that have been lost with an era that likes to commodfify everything, even love and relationships. We can’t stand that, here, and we just want to enjoy relaxing and connecting, without agenda, with people who are also curious about the world. And exploring it. And finding new perspectives, inputs. In short: the new. So yeah. The Third Place is exactly what Design Kompany is making ‘rooms’ for, in borrowed lobbies, cafes, art museums, libraries, green spaces like parks or on benches in front of little rivers, or other public squares, and we are doing this, more and more, around the world. (At the time of this writing, which would be mid-June, we are currently in Eastern Europe.)

HOW IT WORKS. It’s going to happen at a *secret location*, on a date within the timeframe we have selected in early July. The ‘when’ and ‘where, exactly’ will be decided by the people who are registering to confirm their interest, and we’ll go with a place and time that’s mutually convenient for all. This will be held in a public space. We will give you the details in advance so you can inform a +1 to bring along. This is an event for just 6 people, and their guests. We will tell you where when you register.

WHO IT IS FOR. It’s up to you. To discover the art of not knowing. Take a chance on something new. Maybe you’ll meet someone who will change your life forever. You just don’t know until you ‘say yes’ and ‘show up.’ Wondrous things have happened at our past programmes, and you can experience the moment of ‘refreshing’ hosted-space at DK’s next event: S P A C E | Hanoi, ‘Miniparty.’

People like to say, ‘Sell it to me, DK.’

I like to say, ‘No.’

THE INVITATION. Like we say to everyone: ‘We can make the invitation. But it’s you who has to take the first step.’ The creative process itself is like that, and S P A C E makes space for you to chance it. The things that we host in S P A C E are attended mostly by a very small group of people. This group includes: those who know DK personally, mostly, but also, very occasionally, a passerby who says, ‘I like this idea of going somewhere new and getting out of my comfort one. Seeing what happens. What might emerge.’ Like S P A C E itself, we are just going to make a frame and see what kind of things pop out, when we let ourselves discover the Art of Not Knowing. Together, in S P A C E. If you want to learn more, you can google ‘Open Space Technologies’ and see the general idea of how we begin our conversations. We also incorporate the in-house techniques refined in our 15+ years of work designing and consulting, at DK, for the leaders of international development organizations, million-dollar businesses, and the small mom-and-pop shops that care deeply about adding a positive impact to the world. We are selective about whom we choose to work with. And play with… and S P A C E is where we play.

S P A C E | HANOI. So in a way, it is a party, and you’re invited, but we know that most of you will say ‘I’m too busy,’ or ‘I’m too scared.’ This isn’t for you if you are saying that. It’s for those 1% who say, ‘Why not? Let’s try. See what happens. Have a look. See what we did in Hanoi with 16N there, and learn more about us at our instagram. Here’s to the journeys, the new, the near, and the next!

Design Kompany [website | instagram] is hosting the event.

Let’s get started? ‘Ninety percent of it,’ as they say, ‘is showing up.’

I’m game. Are you?

Register at this page to confirm your spot.

Advance bookings only. Limit: 4 seats.



30 July
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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*Secret location*


Design Kompany

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