A special project, ‘Atelier S P A C E, took place from Sept. 2017-Sept. 2019.

I’m going to go to places I don’t know anyone, find out the feeling of the place, learn the stories that people are telling me, see what they care about as a set sort of in the ambient way and then compile them into a series of 16-page PDFs, a series. A mini-magazine. A periodical! But not forever. Just two years. Let me see where I can go, whom I can discover, and what DK’s entire reason for being will put into practice in the field. Trusting the process. Seeing where there are things to discover, learn, and connect the dots. Make stories. Publish them. And hope someone, somewhere, resonates with the things that are… midwife-assisted and birthed. —DK

ZINES. See the finished issues in our online store.

Each set is themed based on emergent conversations with new people in new places, whose paths might not have otherwise have crossed. Like ‘N’, but smaller and more immersion oriented. Staying a while. Seeing what’s going on. Asking questions. Writing.

More about S P A C E and how to get it, is here.