Authenticity + Authentic Self

Found an article on ‘Authentic Living’.

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‘Life’s impermanence and uncertainty may actually increase authentic living (Martin, Campbell, & Henry, 2004). For some, the realizations that death is ultimately unavoidable, values are subjective, and the universe holds no clear objectives can be wake-up calls that lead to more authenticity

‘Authenticity or even being perceived as authentic may provide positive benefits to our view of our worth and abilities, and increase self-respect…

‘Adopting a eudaimonic orientation, fully developing our potentials, and experiencing meaning in life and a deep enjoyment or happiness include seeking authenticity, excellence, and personal growth (Huta, 2015).’

‘Authenticity is central to eudaimonia” and gives rise to a flourishing life where we pursue “goals that are more intrinsically motivating to us and make the most of our talents and abilities” (Joseph, 2019).



Are you living your authentic self’s life?

It’s easy to get lost in the day to day hustle. But we can make time to attend to what really matters to us. If we are aware, that is. It can take a lifetime to sort through what counts and what doesn’t according to each of us, on our own unique terms.

Every year or so, I offer a workshop called The Mirror. It creates a space for you and me and up to 3 others. An emergent conversation, I send weekly prompts that we talk over on email and an occasional call if it’s desired.  Through these interactive conversations, we get into talking about it. I will email more like the above to consider as we go, in Weeks 1 and 2 of the workshop. Further prompts will be created based on what those who choose to join select to work on, and share about, in the application.

The Mirror is Design Kompany’s workshop, expressly created for high-quality reflection.

Let’s talk about these things, especially our authentic selves. What does that mean, to you?  

The application window is now open. Max 4.

Details are here.