Authenticity branding begins with one step: ‘Know thyself’

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This blog started in 2006 and it was the time of the blogger that I most enjoyed. I really felt like we were connecting and discovering about one another, and Twitter was good then, and not weird. I liked writing to people, reading their replies, writing to the world, reading the comments that landed on this site. I don’t have the comments open anymore and I don’t use Twitter and I don’t feel like the way we communicate now is the best setup for those of us who just want to talk, like, without any agenda, or fakeness. Let’s talk about the opposite of that.

Let’s talk about authenticity. If the idea scares you, maybe you should think critically about what it is you’re really about and why you do what you do. It might help stave off regrets in life later, which come when people find out they haven’t been living a life that’s true to themselves and then they get all bitter and resentful and annoyed and everything. You see it all the time. Bitter old woman syndrome is a real thing.

Finding yourself can take time. Check out our Ecourse on ‘Authenticity’ / Photo: Simone Hutsch

What is Authenticity?

According to this article on a site called MindTools, ‘Put simply, authenticity means you’re true to your own personality, values, and spirit, regardless of the pressure that you’re under to act otherwise. You’re honest with yourself and with others, and you take responsibility for your mistakes. Your values, ideals, and actions align. As a result, you come across as genuine, and you’re willing to accept the consequences of being true to what you consider to be right.’ says ‘integrity often means making a decision that’s not easy, or dealing with challenges to your values,’ and that a person with integrity:

  • Behaves in an ethical, moral and honest way even when no one is watching
  • Keeps their word, no matter what
  • Doesn’t cheat, steal or lie
  • Honours confidential information
  • Stands up for what they believe in

Authors of a thought leadership site at Berkeley write: Be aware of what you’re suppressing (and why). ‘Is there a part of you that you are not honoring? Interests or passions you are neglecting? True thoughts or feelings you are hiding? What excuses are you using for denying these parts of yourself? What can you do to start embracing more of your true self?’


How does it feel to be authentic?

‘Authenticity is about paying attention to all of the relevant details in a situation and making decisions based on what feels most in sync with your true self,’ write the authors of the mental health website They quote an article published in New Ideas in Psychology, in which they say that researchers identified the following four components of authenticity:

  1. ‘Experience, or paying full attention to your present environment and internal state.
  2. ‘Understanding, or reflecting on that present experience to better understand the connections between your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  3. ‘Judgment, which is meant more in the analytical sense of identifying whether or not this experience aligns with your core values and fulfills your psychological needs.
  4. ‘Decision, or choosing a response to this experience that is aligned with those values and psychological needs.’

How does this relate to brand identity design?

The key to authenticity is knowing who you are. Getting clarity on finding out what makes you tick, as you are today, not ten or twenty years ago but right now in the present, is the big work of what we do here at DK. The idea that you can simply get to know what it is that drives you through a set of focused conversations, which I will have with you through the lovely internet technology we have now to be able to do that, is pretty cool, I think, for those who quality for DK’s services. We’re looking for people who are ready to dive in and do the big work to really look, without any filters, and to see what’s there, within. Six sessions, and it starts at USD 2.6K for individuals interested in ‘personal branding’ or, as some of my clients have said, ‘my tattoo’. It’s not for very young people, I think. It’s for people who have been around the block a bit and are ready to really investigate what it is that fits with their personalities, today. Not yesterday. Or not someone else’s interpretations of them which they take on without really thinking it over because it’s so entrenched. That’s okay. We can start from the beginning.

Your tattoo. I like that.

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