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20 Nov | Short course, ‘Slow Moment’ [Virtual]

By request, we’re bringing back the 2018 online short course for photographers who love to write. It’s called ‘Slow Moment.’  Max of 4 participants. Application required. Selected candidates will be invited to register. Free for six-months-and-counting members of S P A C E.

Here are the details…


'S' is for Sincerity · A Philosophy of the Moment

Issue #99

This week’s issue is about the art of cooking. It’s a members-only one, this time. The cover image and the food preparation itself are both by Atelier S P A C E // HCMC Creative Lead, Văn Trần.

The lead story for this issue is, ‘Home,’ by Quân Nguyện, who contributes to S P A C E occasionally from Aarhus, Denmark. (Nguyện’s story ‘Unnecessary Jackets’ was Nguyện’s first piece published for S P A C E, in March 2019. Ongoing dialogues relating to home, belonging, identity, and crossing culture have continued, ever since.)

‘Home’ / by Van Tran / Atelier S P A C E HCMC, August 2020

It’s exciting to be able to host ‘miniparties’ with newly joining subscribers and guests of our workshops, popups, and salons. These are not advertised anywhere as we are working hard to filter for ‘sincerity.’ It’s a long, long story about that but you can find out when you meet up wit us. You’ll need to become a member, if you’d like to be part of our virtual community or join our real life programs in Vietnam this year and next. To become a member,  you can subscribe to S P A C E.

To do that, go to the page in our store where this issue is displayed and subscribe through the registration there. Here’s a link.


Desk Notes · Publisher's Diary

8 March | Short Course on Brand Identity Design

Here it is. Our do-it-yourself short-course. It’s 100% virtual, by email.

WHAT YOU’LL GET. DK’s is a classic approach to how to create a stellar brand identity design. We will give you the best tools we’ve found in our 20 years’ experience in designing brand identity for discerning, process-oriented clients. Mostly in architecture, software, and parallel fields of design. 

Classic. Stylish. Timeless. Enduring.

COURSE CONTENT. Find out how to make an impact with your visual messaging, in 2021. Spend five minutes a day on these prompts and you might just be very well on your way to answering that ultimate question, ‘Why does the work I do matter?’ Knowing how to answer this is a giant step in the brand design process.

COST. The course is USD 65..

START DATE. 8 March.

WHO IT IS FOR.  ‘Short Course in Brand Identity Design’ is best for people who are just starting out or who are looking to redirect their brand strategy for 2021. You can add your name to our list for the next start-date announcement.


More: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dk-short-course-in-brand-identity-design-tickets-135083892559


Publisher's Diary

Issue #98

A lot of fun, this one.

I am revisiting our digital archives, and curating new issues of S P A C E, this autumn. This, in parallel with Atelier S P A C E // HCMC, in which we also start our art books in real life installations and popup workshops, in Ho Chi Minh City.

‘Let’s just start’

Lots to see. Lots to make. Lots to discover.

But the drive to make our work is always the same…

Let’s just see what happens.

This week, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, S P A C E | Shirahama, ‘Let’s Go Somewhere’

Here is a link..




Found in the Field · In real life

Issue #97

The lead story for this issue is ‘Bờ Biển 1999,’ or ‘Seaside 1999’. It’s by Quân Nguyễn.

This story is in Vietnamese and in English.

Special thanks to DS Phong for editing.

Two images made by Boss are included in this issue, too. Cover image is a show of new works that is a collaboration to make new kinds of zines and art books. This project is led by team members of Atelier S P A C E / HCMC, who are, so far, Văn Trần and Dipika Kohli. 

Feature writer: Quân Nguyễn

Quân Nguyễn writes about his reflections on visiting his home country while returning to his life abroad, in Denmark. On his way to Aarhus, in this quiet moment, he looks back on childhood, and recalls a friend. A dear friend, whom he has not quite lost touch with as they maintain a digital connexion. Yet, somehow, he feels far. A short flash fiction work, in both English and Vietnamese.

Here’s a link.


'S' is for Sincerity

A new mini gallery. A new S P A C E.

This week we have had some great, great conversations already about the nature of how we connect. ‘We’ as in people who like great connexion, but also, recognize that most of the time you are walking into territory where you have no idea who is for real, and who is faking.

Yeah. I wrote that.

Who is for real.

And who is faking.


DK’s next event in HCMC will be an opening reception for our new Minigallery. It will be for members of S P A C E, only. (Next week’s issue of S P A C E will be our catalog for it.)

Thanks in advance for being part of this evolving story, if you have been ‘in’ on things, lately, here at DK | HCMC. Wow. Can’t believe I’m writing that. ‘DK | HCMC.’ Has a nice ring to it.


Found in the Field

18 October | Vancouver Art Book Fair

Update: 14 Oct

‘The history of print, publications, and zines is deeply rooted in political movements and societal change. Now more than ever people are finding inspiration and community through artists’ publishing.As a platform for the dissemination of such publications, VABF’s mandate is to provide accessible community-focused public programming and inclusive platforms to deepen engagement with artists’ books, and to connect local and international communities.’ From the organizers of Vancouver Art Book Fair, in a press release. [Emphasis, Editors at DK]


This looks cool.

Kameelah Janan Rasheed‘s talk at the VABF is described as this:

The practice of publishing is not the process of putting a final and unalterable object into the world, but a practice of offering a substrate for emendation, revision, call-and-response, iteration and the birth of new texts. A series of provisional thoughts about the poetics, politics and pleasures of the unfinished.

More about this and other things VABF is doing at their site:


'S' is for Sincerity · Found in the Field · The Muse

Issue #96

Watching, listening. Looking, sharing time. This issue’s one of my favorites, from this year. It’s a photo essay from a recent walk that members of our team in HCMC shared, together, discussing as they went along meandering the things that detail… nothing in particular. As per usual. Looking at the collected images that came back from that outing, I thought of space, time slowing down, and the kinds of large and lofty philosophies that come into shape when one is ‘drifting,’ (ref. Situationists).

In this issue, which is called S P A C E | Sài Gòn, ‘Street Museums’, Atelier S P A C E | HCMC collaborates with artist-poet Ilyas Kassam, who lives in London. DK’s project, Atelier S P A C E | HCMC, is a crowdfunded effort. It’s led by our team members in that city, who are Văn Trần and Dipika Kohli.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further paragraphs of text, I give you Issue #96.

S P A C E | Sài Gòn, ‘Street Museums’.

Here’s a link.