Except they did. Tell you. That once you have ‘a body of work’ that the artist needs to step back, look at it, and make sense of what it is that this art is actually about.


What is S P A C E about? Yeahhhh.

The one where you look at the piles of written paragraphs, some typed, some penned, many scribbled so hastily you can’t even read them because you’re the person who does things analog and off the cuff, and so it is, with your illegible notes. Cool.

I’m going to dive in and re-design everything soon because starting over is my thing. While I do this I am recalling how it felt back in Seattle in 2008, writing my very first ‘artist statement.’ As I peruse the new advice on websites around the internet, I love this bit that I found on a site called The Creative Independent:


‘The discerning reader will notice it and judge you for it.’



Discerning readers are the same people who hire DK. They don’t just skim. They don’t just scan. They read. They read to the end. And they click links. I like that.

More soon on what Autumn Leaves is and why it matters, and how it feels more like art than a project of Design Kompany; actually, yeah. That’s the whole thing, really, DK is a project of Dipika Kohli. And I have to go back in time and revisit that old artist statement and see how much of it fits, today, with what this site is, wants to do, wants to be, and cares to share.

In 2008, though, I had written:

‘I want people to relax. To feel air, space, and comfort.’

Mostly that has not changed. And ‘Autumn Leaves,’ sketched over here, underlines it. HT ML and SA


Continued S P A C E

I’m still also publishing S P A C E, now it’s getting more storytelling style and fiction is in this upcoming issue. Yes, it is. Today I finished writing and typesetting Tuesdays’ issue. It’s ready to download, in the shop.