S P A C E | SINGAPORE was way different from what I had pictured. Rather than catching up with the designers, artists, and writers I had met at a festival for that sort of stuff the year prior, I met a slew of new folks and got some of us together, in strange combinations, which I love to do. Permutations and combinations, matrix algebra, and all that jazz. No, not really. Jazz, though, yes. Blujaz is still there, but barely hanging on, I found out. I was thinking about the time it was very low-key and open mic four years ago and the people jammed and we talked quietly on the sides. This time was way crazy. I think some people were doing those ‘beer bomb’ things. Whatever that is. Like the time in Phnom Penh when I’d met A. and T., the funniest thing happened here, too, again: we were mesmerized to find ourselves suddenly surrounded by darkness and quiet. Could it be that the people there to be seen and to drink away things were gone and we were the only ones left? It could. It was.

‘Perfect! Now I can finally hear you.’

This time, also, we were last to go. I think. I was in Singapore this time, though, not Phnom Penh. Still, it was a ‘S P A C E’ moment. There I was. I’d found M. earlier by sheer chance (isn’t that how it goes?) and somehow also managed to connect up with P., and the three of us sat together for hours as night got deeper and people got louder, crescendoed at that, then left. Better.


Drift, shift, and linger

‘TIS VERY LATE, writing for me today, the things I wanted to say, but mostly, it was consequence, or maybe style, or perhaps just blind dumb luck that I ran into the good folks again, who made me smile, and think, but mostly, this time, laugh right out loud. I needed that. It has been one hell of a five-year tour, here in Southeast Asia, mostly, and when I got to talking both times in both circles (this is the thing I like to call ‘making S P A C E’), we found our way to philosophy, art, the shape of things that are eloquent or just feel good in that moment. P. and M. gave me tons of room to just talk away my… well, mostly… well, it’s personal, huh? I’m grateful. (I can elaborate, in smaller, closer circles? Hit me up.)

A long tour… so many things. More to say. A lot more. But not today. Today, sleep.

Good night from Phnom Penh, and safe journeys.


We gather. We talk. We connect, magically, when the flow is there and it is *working*.