Blues musician Derrick Big D Walker: ‘My family thinks I’m insane. Cambodia? they ask’

Here’s a neat story I found in Leng Pleng, a Phnom Penh music gig guide. It’s about a musician who left America in 1983 and lives in Sweden, tours in Europe, and sometimes comes to Cambodia to play shows.  ‘Derrick Big D Walker, a wanderer based in Stockholm, Sweden… Sixteen months ago LengPleng first spoke to him for Passing Chords, when he’d been in Phnom Penh for only three weeks, and now as he prepares to leave he sat down for a full-length exit interview on the balcony at Oscar’s on the Corner.’

This is the part I thought was interesting:

“I left America in 1983, and I haven’t lived there since. These days I’d be really nervous to live there.  People are violent.  And racism there is reactionary, they might harm you, kill you even.  Swedes ask me how do you like living in Sweden?  I say I like it a lot, no one’s ever shot at me.  And they laugh.  In the US I’ve been shot at, I’ve had guns held on me, I’ve been threatened by guns.  Just somebody lifting their shirt to show you their gun, making you aware of their gun, it’s a threat.  I really hate that.  The gun industry is making a lot of money – if they didn’t manufacture them the guns couldn’t be bought.  Isn’t that the place to start?”

Many times people who choose to live far from the place of their birth will tell a unique story about how they found a new way.

I like those kinds of stories.

The full article in Leng Pleng is here:

A place to come back to – Derrick Big D Walker