Working with SME owners on Brand Strategy | Message Design

Working almost exclusively with owners of SMEs over the years, I’ve noticed that small business’ CEOs share three common concerns about their marketing efforts.

Many times, they’re understaffed, underbudgeted, and unable to give time to marketing.

Given this, it’s hard to create quality leads and get the word about their company, too, the owners tend to say.

It takes time to choose which social media platforms to use for content marketing, and even more time to create content for those channels and update things regularly. There’s a stream of requirements but keeping up, and keeping pace, proves to be a difficulty. Quality, too, in content: generating that is a trick. More and more, you don’t know who to turn to when there’s a glut of people out there vying for your attention.

I understand this isn’t easy.


Clean, modern, ‘classic’ design

Here is where Design Kompany can help.

Design Kompany’s expertise is in Brand Message Design.

It is a foundational step to set the stage for the very best work we can do, for Brand Identity Design, or Brand Strategy, or any Communication Strategy Design work. All of these build on what happens in the first stage of discovering what to say and to whom.

Not only this design studio, but many others will advocate for taking the time to get this done right.

If you’ve been in business for five or more years, you know which kinds of clients and projects fit well with your personality and company’s expertise, and which ones have been less than ideal.


Visual design starts with clarity of intent

‘Make it Simple’ is online, here

We learn from the ones that we don’t work well with, which is how we focus our attention on those we do.

Brand Message Design thereby can set a foundation for all design projects: a clearly defined audience is key for communication to work well. That is something that Dipika Kohli can bring to ODC from an international perspective and from the point of view of a past researcher and journalist who has worked in newspapers in the US and Western Europe.

DK’s core services include:

  • brand message design;
  • aligning internal messaging;
  • audience segmentation (discovering customer personas);
  • niching;
  • and streamlining messaging + communication across channels.

To focus a redesign project of any kind, a strong communication plan is required.

Brand Message Design is a set of 4 work sessions with our clients in which we do the work to arrive at this exact plan. As a result, everyone is very clear and can communicate with confidence from a unified set of key messages that are outlined and tailored specifically to each audience.

‘Make it simple. Make it easy to understand.’

Doing the clarification work to message accurately, cleanly, and in a way that works well over time because it’s rooted in the core value proposition is exactly where DK provides expertise. Put it into practice to help your audiences not get lost in their user experience journey to find what they really want: clearly, accurately, and quickly.


But will it work?

I think that my answer to ‘will it work’ is, Will it matter to you to know, with crystal clarity, the niche market that you work with best, what it is you do for those clients, and why it matters?

Based on my experiences since the 2000s in this work and variations not too far off from it, the value that clients report back to me from DK’s process is just exactly this. They tell me that through the branding and strategy work together, they’re able to arrive at ‘a-ha’ moments. These insightful points of intuitively understanding what it is that makes them them, it then organizes with little room for waffling or second-guessing, what to do next, from there, business-wise.

This clarity is the concrete return on investment.

Brand strategy and brand marketing are conceptual, it’s not easy to measure which sales came from which efforts. But, I’ve noticed, when owners are very clear about their focus, everything else just falls into place naturally. All decisions. Internal messaging is clear, too, and that helps with efficiency. Then there’s the recruiting: you know who you will want to work with, so it’s easy to see if it’s a good fit. Plus they’ll be drawn to your company in the first place if your message aligns with their personal goals, values, ideals, and beliefs.

Let’s talk about it.