IN THIS CREATIVE NONFICTION work, meet Schooner Raj, a young woman on her way from Ipoh, Malaysia, to the popular hill station destination Cameron Highlands. She’s going up there for some much-needed fresh air. Classes have ended and it’s winter break. Whom might she discover if she takes her first-ever solo trip? She’s got to work out something that has been bothering her, a troubling disruption in her family’s life. So she’ll get away from everything, and head to her family’s favorite vacation spot, Cameron Highlands. But for the first time, she won’t be there with them. A short PDF encompassing the first in a new series of creative works set in Malaysia.

THIS ZINE is a creative nonfiction work. It’s part of a larger story, a serial by Kismuth Books’ Dipika Kohli. (Learn more about Kismuth here.) This zine was created through Design Kompany and Kismuth’s joint project, Atelier S P A C E || Cameron, in winter 2017 in Cameron Highlands. (See the journey of Atelier S P A C E in pictures at