23 July | ‘Tìm mình trong thế giới’

It’s a small, real-life meet up for a max of 4. It’s also a mini-workshop. It’s on FB.

Here’s a link.


Exact location to be shared by email, since you already know if you got the link to this page that I do not have a handphone.

Email me, so.



This week in S P A C E

Even in a foreign country, DK does what DK does.

Gathering people, connecting them, conversing… Deeply, not trivially.

Two invitations are going out, for this week.

One in real life, one is virtual.

  • Monday. One, a conversation in real life about ‘ecosystems.’ It will be in Dalat, Vietnam. More is here.
  • Tuesday. Also, the ‘DK | Short course in Brand Identity Design’ starts on Tuesday. Learn more at this link.


Papers | ‘Dear M’

About a year ago at this time, you gave me a pen, M. It came up in a conversation a few weeks ago, about the ‘giving of the pen.’ It also featured in ‘Expanding Windows,’ where I did a live mini-theater re-enactment of that day when we were fated to cross paths, the stuff of this issue of S P C.

There were four people I talked about at Expanding Windows: you, R., C., and N. I’ve been in good touch with the others ever since parting ways with each of them, in recent months and weeks and even days, it’s like that, on the road. But you… where are you, how are you? Did you quit? I wonder. As you are the fourth corner of this very square Square of who inspired me most with Atelier S P A C E in 2017-2019 and why (new, different, changes, ‘the character realizes something’, etc), I wanted to post this. To let you know. In case you see it, that you are missed. I really do wonder about how you are there, now, and how you are faring. Hopefully safe, sound, and well.

If you want to know more about what I’m writing lately, I used the pen just today, and I can send you a picture of the text. Thanks for the great inspiration, once again. I hope you are doing the things you said you would, and if yes, cool, and if not, well, then I hope some of my new friends in your town came by your workplace to pester you about it. I said it would be cool with you. I hope I was right.

PS Emailed you.

Issue #54, S P A C E | Skåne, ‘E. K. Vera’

For S P A C E this week, we feature a lead story called, ‘Run, Eliza.’ It was written by A. Spaice. In this issue, we illustrate it with fresh, new graphic art updates that mix from our archived images; both the original photographs and the graphic updates are by DK’ creative director, Dipika Kohli.

It’s part of a series, ‘Uncertainty.’ It’s available for members of S P A C E, only.

So far, three issues have been published in our zine series on ‘Uncertainty’. They are:

  • S P C | London, ‘A Walk in Regent’s Park’
  • S P C | Copenhagen, ‘Nearness’
  • And this week’s.

Science fiction. Says DK: ‘This series is turning into quite a jaunt into the perpendicular spaces that veer upwards against asymptotes, impossibly, and if you like the way this sentence is going, then you will like this week’s S P C.

Relational art and unexpected writing, combining now, in a fresh collection. Super nerdy. Which. Is. The. Fun part.’

Download your copy, and at the same time set up your weekly subscription, here.

Order S P A C E | Skåne, ‘E. K. Vera’

DK 2005-2019

Before we moved to Southeast Asia, we were in the United States. Our studio began as ‘Design Kompany,’ or ‘DK.’ We started it officially in Seattle in 2004, at a time when we began to work with small business owners to design brand identity concepts.

Architects and software developers hired DK, enjoying our process-oriented approach.

Select clients

Baltic Room, Seattle 2009
Blue Gecko, Seattle 2008
Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, Seattle 2016
CARE International Cambodia, Phnom Penh 2017
Celtic Ross Hotel, West Cork 2001
Center for Sustainable Water, Phnom Penh 2019
Development Innovations, Phnom Penh  2014-16
Eagle Office, West Cork 2001
Green Plus, Durham NC 2010
Group 3 Architects LLC, Seattle 2006
Gupta Insurance & Family Services, Los Angeles 2007
Hindsight Veterinary Care, Portland, Ore. 2010
InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia, Phnom Penh, 2016-17
Little Green Software, Durham NC 2011
Loom, a foundation, Seattle 2010
Matchbox Mobile, Brighton 2008
Minatogawa Architects, Seattle 2006
Modern Business Training Services, Castlebar Ireland 2001
Northwest Asian Weekly, Seattle 2007
North Carolina Japan Center, Raleigh 1996
NUK Cafe, Phnom Penh 2004
Seattle Central University, Seattle 2006
Thundershirt, Durham NC 2012
United Nations Development Program, Phnom Penh 2017
You Maga, Seattle 2007
West Cork Advertiser, West Cork 2002-04