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See you in ‘The Mirror’

Everything is stating to coalesce, now.

I have just finished writing the outline for the next eWorkshop, The Mirror.

The theme this time is personal leadership.

The Mirror | ‘Personal Leadership’



EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. Co-discovery is at the heart of this, along with self-discovery, at the core. Find out how it feels to be in The Mirror. Here is a link with an outline of who should join.

Who should join ‘The Mirror?’


A Philosophy of the Moment · Short Courses

End of Year Reflection Practice

Design Kompany hosts Mirror Sprints for those interested in topics related to:

  • Planing one’s next steps
  • Making sense of where one has traveled, so far, in the journey of life
  • Midlife transitions
  • Quarterlife big picture anxiety, and query
  • And more.

From January, a new set of topics based on what comes through in the applications for next programs. Find out more when you join the newsletter and check the boxes that interest you. Rates/dates for next courses will be shared, there.

Here is a link.


100 Conversations · Mirror · Short Courses


Conversation. Connection. And sharing.

I like to have these things, in a real way. Not in a fake way. Mirror Sprints is coming to virtual space for those in Southeast Asia. If you are interested in getting on a call to discover and reflect, the invitations will be shared throughathe new mailing list. Be sure to check ‘The Mirror’ when you sign up.

Here is a link.


The companion workbook is an issue of S P A C E:


‘Sprints’ is now in the shop >

Or you can buy it from the shop.



Ideas of Curiosity · Mirror · Papers · Short Courses

Reflect and connect, with The Mirror

Welcome to The Mirror. 

I invite you to join me for the online reflection workshop if:

  • You feel ready to try something different, to explore your ideas about ‘what really matters to me,’ and
  • ‘Who am I becoming?’

Max 4, per circle.

I want to include those of you who are most interested in talking to others, in a way that is open and engaging and yet also has a measure of self-restraint.

This is not therapy. This is a place for us to write together with those whose paths we may never have crossed. I’ve been in Southeast Asia for 10 years and lived in other moments of my life in Western Europe and North America, and even East Asia, too. So I want to bring together an unusual mix of voices so we can share our questions, and ask for the new questions that arrive while we try to make our way through things, together. That is the point of doing this.

Engaging, deeply and meaningfully, with just a few.

‘You’re an introvert, Dipika.’ This came to me in an email through one of the exchanges, last year.

After so much traveling and so many parties that I hosted, I realize, ‘Goodness. That is so true.’ So: less now. Less conversation. Less engaging with people I do not know. And zero travel. That’s okay with me. How about you?

Do you want to discover and co-discover what you find, through The Mirror? Writing prompts arrive every week for 8 or 12 weeks, up to you.

There is a fee to participate. There is no cost to apply.