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Design Brand Identity: Short Course

Are you in transition?

Avail of DK’s short course ‘Design Brand Identity’. Six days’ daily prompts for discovering the core question: Who am I? This is for business owners. Especially those looking to re-center, whilst in a period of transition. It’s based on Dipika Kohli’s 20 years’ experience in: journalism, architecture, memoir writing, self-concept discovery and brand identity design.

Application required. Fees apply, on a sliding scale of USD 65-120. Scholarships available for candidates who fit. Be sure to tell us you’d like to be considered for a full or partial scholarship, in your application.

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Feature photo: Bernice Melis

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DK | Short course in Brand Identity Design

by Design Kompany


Event Information

A set of 6 modules for anyone to work out their ‘brand’

About this event

Learn our top 6 go-to resources for you to discover how to build your brand, from scratch.

In a short course that will begin on Tuesday, we will share our top 6 modules that have worked well for more than 80 small businesses and organizations whom we have worked for in Seattle, Durham NC, and Phnom Penh. DK has created brand identity designs for small and medium-sized businesses since 2006.

You’ll be able to learn, and apply right away, the lessons from our past experiences by working with these exact six tools to figure out your core story, and how you can best tell it to the world.

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