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How Design Kompany’s clients asking for it led us to pivot into Organizational Development

Can work be fun? Can it be engaging?

Yes, and yes. And there are ways to design an organization so that this happens.

Studying up. Bit by bit, in the new directions.

Making work fun to be at. Engaging people, through the tools that work that DK had developed in Seattle. Working with more than 100 small to medium-sized businesses, to help them articulate ‘why do I do what I do, and for who?’, I’ve learned how to help people clarify a vision. This is how people choose to join your company: they align with it. If goals of the leadership are ultra-clear, the match between new hires and their goals also getting met is better. Leadership is about helping people achieve their goals, after all.



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Let me share a link to something I found that I think is useful. ‘Why Organizational Development Matters’ According to this site, ‘Focusing on the people within an organization is an effective way to increase competitiveness. Creating great places to work is important for improving competitiveness in all industries, but it’s particularly important in industries that require people to be creative, innovative, solve problems, manage complexity or otherwise perform more complex mental tasks. In these industries, being a great organization to work for really is a significant competitive advantage.

‘Organizational Development is one of the few fields of work in which it is really possible to create great outcomes for both individuals and organizations. 

‘To create lasting change, organizations need to ensure that the benefits of organizational development programs are shared with employees, not simply captured as cost savings for the organization.’




Innovation & Creativity · Teambuilding through Reflective Practice

Leading with empathy: are you ready?

Researching about soft skills today, especially for managers, I found this., a site I have never heard of, admittedly, writes about Empathy as follows. (Source is:


Empathy is immensely critical to your leadership abilities. In the context of our discussion, empathy is one of the central pillars of your soft skills infrastructure.

Empathy allows you to connect with people more meaningfully.

It also lets you figure out how effectively you’re reaching out to staff members. When you know how deeply or superficially you’re engaging with people, you could accurately predict the outcomes of actions. These are crucial benefits for leaders and managers. For example, in sales empathy enables you to negotiate deals. Although empathy is mostly an innate trait, people can learn it to some extent.