Personal branding photo session

Business photos for men and women

You only get 11 seconds to make a first impression.

Make yours count.

We will take photos for you. You can bring items you want to include in the photos and we will work with you to make it natural and styled. Choose one of three locations in Phnom Penh.

Bring your props and the changes of clothes that you want to be in the photographs, too. For example you can include favorite books, pens, paper, phones, planners, laptops, to give the professional look.

DK will start by asking you about your business goals. Then we will talk about your clients, and what you do for them. From this short planning session in the morning we will be ready to go to make the right list of shots to photograph. Ready?

Here is the day plan. One half-day session.

Meet for Planning session at 1 of 3 spots.

Start Session I of photographing


Start Session II of photographing with new props, different clothes

DK to send your edited photos, a set of 25, to you by email

Total time for you is from 9am-11.45am.

Total cost is USD400 for a set of 25 images. 

No more than 2 people per half-day session, thanks. All photos are for you to use as you wish. 

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I started a Note.


You don’t know what a trip is about until well after you’ve come back, said a wise traveler on the road in Gangtok, when I was there, wondering, in 2013.

Reviewing my time in Vietnam, I thought it would be good to record some of the highlights of the journey. So, the new Note is an accompaniment to the things Atelier S P A C E was up to in Saigon Autumn 2020-Autumn 2021. Mosty this project.