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November syllabus

Each month’s end is a fun time for me to review the multiple threads of email conversations between me, and co-creators of S P A C E, plus, our online interactive writing community that is called Papers. It is a gentle weekly journaling space, for those who just want to make more time for that. I host it. I listen to everyone’s sharing and write prompts from each week’s conversations; in this way, it is organic, emergent, and flowy. It’s my online version of a weekly regular meet up, just a few people at a time. I love that kind of regularity and the comfort that comes with just knowing that, once a week, there will be a small group to get together with and talk, just about whatever, and it’s like, a kind of… community.

DSP and I talked about ‘an artists community’ when we last met in person, I think, or perhaps it was the time before last, which would have been… August? I am losing track of time. Time… another topic. But we will focus on the things that have come up, in the ‘Papers’ conversations, which are quite simple in design: circles of just four people talking together; talking in email; talking, internationally and asynchronously. The important part is: talking.

Good things take time.

Started this in May.

It’s only just now starting to find its way; this, sometimes, is how a beginning… begins.

Welcoming those who are in it, and know who they are, to our November circle of Papers.

See you on email.


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Design, startup culture

Update: this original post is now part of our upcoming short eBook, Reality & Trust, which sums 1+ year of observations on innovation, creativity, stuntedness, high-quality exchanges, and the overwhelming learning that has come from simply listening, more actively than ever, to oneself, and one’s environs. ‘You are not just one person,’ said my teacher VT, here. ‘You are also the people around you.’

More about the book is here–> http://kismuth.com

'S' is for Sincerity

A new mini gallery. A new S P A C E.

This week we have had some great, great conversations already about the nature of how we connect. ‘We’ as in people who like great connexion, but also, recognize that most of the time you are walking into territory where you have no idea who is for real, and who is faking.

Yeah. I wrote that.

Who is for real.

And who is faking.


DK’s next event in HCMC will be an opening reception for our new Minigallery. It will be for members of S P A C E, only. (Next week’s issue of S P A C E will be our catalog for it.)

Thanks in advance for being part of this evolving story, if you have been ‘in’ on things, lately, here at DK | HCMC. Wow. Can’t believe I’m writing that. ‘DK | HCMC.’ Has a nice ring to it.


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Issue #96

Watching, listening. Looking, sharing time. This issue’s one of my favorites, from this year. It’s a photo essay from a recent walk that members of our team in HCMC shared, together, discussing as they went along meandering the things that detail… nothing in particular. As per usual. Looking at the collected images that came back from that outing, I thought of space, time slowing down, and the kinds of large and lofty philosophies that come into shape when one is ‘drifting,’ (ref. Situationists).

In this issue, which is called S P A C E | Sài Gòn, ‘Street Museums’, Atelier S P A C E | HCMC collaborates with artist-poet Ilyas Kassam, who lives in London. DK’s project, Atelier S P A C E | HCMC, is a crowdfunded effort. It’s led by our team members in that city, who are Văn Trần and Dipika Kohli.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further paragraphs of text, I give you Issue #96.

S P A C E | Sài Gòn, ‘Street Museums’.

Here’s a link.




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The most common question people ask me is [deleted]


‘How are you making money to pay for your life?’

Well, well. Everyone wants to know.

DK is DK. That’s it. That’s all you need to know.


So I skipped the ocean but Z. is sending me pictures of it, and Z.’s pictures are incredibly beautiful, and so, given that, and given that I know Z. and what Z. cares about, at least a little, because instead of going to the Baltic Sea I visited Z.’s amazing bakery like every time I could think of it and invited whomever felt like going with me to go with me–there. I like showing up to the places and establishments of people I like. Today, though, I tried to do this, but a dog bit me.

Not really bit bit.

Nipped? Is that what you say? Nipped? I am forgetting English. I don’t like dogs, so I was annoyed and then I left, and that’s probably it. I don’t look back when I leave.

‘Is that bad?’ I asked V.

V. listened to me talk for about 25 minutes straight about: [deleted] then gave the usual sage advice. Namely, this. [deleted]

Actually, let me just put that into a future issue of S P A C E, since it’s good, and direct, and not noisy. Noisy? I think I’m starting to do that thing that happens when you are doing Study Abroad and you start to Translate Backwards. I don’t know why ‘noisy’ came up in my head but not-noisy writing is what I consider worthwhile to publish in my zine, which you know, costs. (But also, I share posts sometimes with people I know and work with, trust and can relate to. How I choose these people is a matter of past experience coupled with… timing. I have an attention span of 7 days. You make the invitations selectively, and you make layers of them. And then you kind of know who is for real, and [deleted])

Ergo, I talk to people in very small circles, albeit highly curated ones.


Want to read more ? Access protected pages when you subscribe [$]. You can do this at our crowdfunding page.

Here’s a link.




'S' is for Sincerity

15 Sept | ‘End of the Rainbow’

My first book, The Elopement, was about running off to Ireland to get married. Kind of. I didn’t mean to run off, and I didn’t mean to get married. Lots of things happen in the course of, well, youth.

Reflecting. Writing. Sharing. Namely, about the 20-year journey in the time since the events of The Elopement . Putting the final touches on to my new book, End of the Rainbow. It’ll be published next week.

Time. Sure. Flies.

The writeup about this book is at my writing website, Kismuth. Here’s a link to the page about End.



'S' is for Sincerity

Dancing in the cloud, Part IV

Unexpected great coincidences and serendipities, of late, have led to the joining of real life and internet conversation-topics.

Specifically: moments, observations thereof, slow food, the ‘substantial and meaningful’ vis-a-vis the ‘shallow and the lame.’

Let’s just go ahead and lay it all out there. I’m putting the September shortlist of conversation topics together today; reviewing emails, collecting notes, discovering that cool thing that happens when you see a pattern. In which you find it.


I like this project.


Might just keep it going.

Big thanks to those who have been part of things related to DK’s conversation spacemaking since we got started on these jazzy threads. More soon. More deeply.

Look for my email, ladies and gentlemen. Talk there.

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Dear L & C

I sent you email today; a joint email. I like a good conversation circle, as you both well know. It occurs to me: do you know each other? Probably. The town where we met each other is indeed a small one. Journeying very many miles and days since then, those moments when we met, I mean, and also, those when we connected, loosely, in the cloud, through the e-circle style I mentioned, well, those things happened, didn’t they, and here we are. I’ve been good here.

A lot of updates to share, and I’m going to look forward to it.

On the off chance you happen to get my mail (things go to filters a lot now, owing to spam bots and other ‘nefarious’ mechanisms, I thought it was funny someone put it that way… ‘nefarious’…)… So yeah.

If you get it, and if you read it in time, and if you reply, and if you see my note here, somehow, all those ‘ifs’, if they line up… then let’s do it. Start another party, in the cloud. Just us three.

I’m certain we have many, many things to discover and co-discover, from here. Check your inbox, like.

My Irish accent, um, is on these days, thanks to the writing of End of the Rainbow (Sept. 15 / Kismuth Books). Wow, long story, but yeah. West Cork, that is to say. Grand stuff, so. Mostly I just really wanna know how you’re doing but I don’t want to send more 1:N notes. Too much work, too little reward, and far less personalized. What’s the point of that? I don’t know. See you in the up, maybe, L & C?

I’ll be waiting for you, here.

PS Miss you.

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Issue #86

S P A C E | Đà Lạt • ‘Tìm Mình Trong Thế Giới’ is the next in our weekly e-zine series. It is set to release on Tuesday.

DK Director Dipika Kohli made the drawing on the cover this week. The drawing’s title is: Chúc Ngủ Ngon & Chào Buổi Sáng / Good Night & Good Morning.

A line artist for many years, Kohli has rekindled her old style of drawing by putting pencil to page again. This [cover] drawing is part of a series of more than fifty new pencil and colored pencil works. These were created in quiet moments, on the spot, in several cafes and brightly lit atelier spaces she discovered while in ‘The Great Lockdown’ (so far) in Đà Lạt, Việt Nam. Kohli had plenty of time alone to write, draw, and reflect, whilst also working on a new book, End of the Rainbow (Kismuth Books / forthcoming 2020).

This  effort has come out of the slowing down, a natural outcome  resulting from the first and second waves of covid19-related measures to maintain social distancing, and self-isolating, in the era of this, the Great Lockdown, so far. Kohli has been in the Central Highlands since April—and continues to discover and make. In bursts, that is. And only when inspired by the chance encounter and surprisingly enriching dialogues with the people in the places where she goes. S P A C E is a weekly zine. It is created by Design Kompany, which was started in 2004 in Seattle and today is based in Phnom Penh. DK are intrigued about how to design the space for an aesthetic moment to happen, on the spot, for unexpected and random connexion, with the people, objects, and places where they go, in S P A C E.

You can order this week’s issue.

Here’s a link.


Thanks! ;)

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What DK does best is this

I’m finally going to write about what I do for work.

It’s taken me a little while to figure out what I wanted to focus on, for 2020-2025. I have this five-year plan. They always ask you that in interviews, right? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I just went back and thought about all those five-year milestone moments, when I’d reflect, and find out what it is that the journeys have taught me. ‘Say Hello to DK,’ ‘Experiments in N+1’, ‘Practicing the Unknown, Uncertain and Different,’ and ‘Design + Discovery’ have, so far, been five-year blocked themes.

(See examples of projects completed in each of these phases, they’re listed towards the end of this page.)

I am focusing on the next five years on another theme, which I’ll talk about now. ‘Creativity + Innovation.’

Creativity + Innovation

Why this? These are just buzzwords, right? Actually we’ve come to a place where they can’t be, anymore.

This is why.

The rest of this post is at my personal site.

It’s this page: https://dipikakohli.com/what-i-do-best-is-this/