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Dear Seattle

Remember DK? Just back now. In business again. After nine years, reopened. Virtually everywhere, and sometimes in Seattle, too. With the thing that DK started out doing, over there. Back at it again.

Branding. Brand identity design.

For those just joining, welcome. And for those whose paths I’ve already crossed in some or another part of Pioneer Square or Capitol Hill,  or maybe that occasional venture out from there, (rare), welcome back.

What is our branding style like? It’s conversational, really. To get to a great concept, you have to start there. DK’s approach is informed by my past work in journalism for small and medium-sized newspapers in Seattle and southwest Ireland, yes, I said Ireland, there are many, many new dimensions to add to our services now. I’ll save the long story for another time.

It’s been a bit of a detour, but, like many who were wondering what to do ‘next’ during the pandemic-so-far, I got these ideas. New ideas. Always; nothing new there.


Seeking new clients, from mid-November, in industries we understand well. Process-oriented professionals in architecture, engineering, and design are welcome to get in touch if you’re looking for a refresh, rebrand, or just to talk about what you might want to think about for your future marketing strategy.

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Growth mindset: This is where psychology meets design

Setting out to interview and network with new people in Cambodia when I came back, last year, I realized a handful of key points.

I must have met a half-dozen CEOs, and about as many managing directors. These were people in industries that tie up with what I do here. Media, design, digital marketing, and architecture. I love these areas. I’ve had jobs in them in different parts of the world and have enjoyed adapting process related to design and experimentation, based on this kind of burst of asking questions of people who would have things to say. Sometimes I learn a lot, just by making the effort to reach out, and ask.

The major point is this.

To be shared in S P A C E. Membership info is here.