Issue #57, S P C | Phnom Penh, ‘Saturday’

Protected: 9N

Issue #56, S P A C E | Rīga, ‘Static on the Line’

Protected: When this happens

Thank-you notes

10 Jan | ‘RISK’, a Mini-teleconference

Issue #55, S P A C E | Portland, ‘Found & Lost’


Issue #54, S P A C E | Skåne, ‘E. K. Vera’

Protected: 純文学

14 Jan | Beginnings

NUK | Designing brand identity in Phnom Penh, 2014

Protected: आपकी नजरों ने समझा, प्यार के काबिल मुझे

Project Epicurus begins

Protected: The design is not the design Part 2

Protected: Gesamtkunstwerk

S P C <3s U


Issue #51, S P A C E | Kuala Lumpur, ‘Project Epicurus’

Invitation to apply to Cojournal 2020