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  • Emergence


    I’m in a cafe with old men greeting each other and sitting together having their usuals, it looks like, and I’m in the back, as far from the outside smoke as I can be while still managing to catch the wifi signal. In my zone, kind of an old schoolhouse-looking thing that reminds me of…

  • The Book of Feelings

    The Book of Feelings

    It’s been one hell of a year, ladies and gentlemen.   Hasn’t it? For goodness’ sakes. I know we cleared the mental books on the end of 31 December 2020, or some of us did, and I wrote with those several few about, including but not limited to, topics such as renewal, acceptance, positivity, connexion,…

  • Mixtape | See you Saturday, maybe

    Mixtape | See you Saturday, maybe

    Good evening from Ho Chi Minh City, ladies and gentlemen. Let me share with you the mix tape, ‘See you Saturday, maybe,’ featuring a few musicians I’ve gotten to listen to often and sometimes even chat with in real life (remember when that was a thing?) about art, composition, intrigue, and sharing. Every time I…

  • Issue #107

    Issue #107

    This week, a pretty fun collage, from real life and internet conversations that wound up in a pretty wacky set. S P A C E | HCMC ‘Quarky.’ Here’s a link. Thanks. ;) S P A C E | HCM, ‘Quarky’.. Beaming it up…

  • Issue #105

    Issue #105


  • Mixtape: December

    Mixtape: December

    A. Spaice // DK · December

  • Issue #103

    Issue #103

    A members-only issue, this time. S P A C E | Mito, ‘Shibui.’ Here’s a link. Thanks. HT E. Happy Birthday. What’s ‘Shibui’? Wikipedia has a lot to say. The source of the following is from this link: Định nghĩa shibui hoặc shibusa Definition of shibui or shibusa   Bảy yếu tố của shibusa…

  • Mix tape: ‘NAIV’

    Mix tape: ‘NAIV’

    It’s here.. Mix tapes.. This one includes some of my favorite songs from those days when I used to have cassettes (including Bollywood ones, yeah). Also, I put something from the jazz genre because I really, really miss hearing live jazz. Soooooo many songs I wanted to put on this mix tape are not available…

  • Issue #101

    Issue #101

    A members-only issue. S P A C E | Saigon ‘The Book of Feelings: Part I’. So many things to say. Quietly, in the safety of a carefully held S P A C E. Thanks! DK Loading…

  • Issue #100

    Issue #100

    A members-only issue. “S” is for Sincerity. That’s the title, this time. More for those who are already in our conversations, behind the curtains here, at this blog, and on email in ‘Papers.’ Join the conversations when you subscribe. To do that, you can use this link… Thanks! DK Loading…