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S P A C E | 2017-

I posted this recently, on Design Kompany’s page on LinkedIn.

#spacethezine is a project of DK’s Dipika Kohli.

‘So far, so good. #Design and discovery are our themes. The whole thing has been going since 2017, when I set to work on making a weekly in Battambang, Cambodia. Next year we’re going to start new chapters. Like… casual online games. I’ll post more… soon. Watch this space.’

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More than 100 people have helped DK bring 16-page colorful e-zines into fruition through crowdfunding support, or taking part in our online programs like SELF and The Mirror. Those were all about starting conversations, which continued into real life on travels when those were more possible in: Finland (2018), Latvia (2019), Cambodia (2017-2020) and Vietnam (2020-21).

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Thanks to those who helped me on the back-end to make more and better S P A C E, one designful conversation at a time. Especially Michael Bridgett, Michael Tharamangalam, Boss,Van Tran, and Anonymous.

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Publisher's Diary

Make S P A C E with us

Designers, artists, and writers in Vietnam are invited to send pieces to editors at S P A C E for publication consideration. The topics we are publishing relate to food, culture, and emotion. There are subcategories but these are the big themes for our Vietnam segment. Are you interested in being published or co-creating works with us? There are these opportunities.

  • 1 paid opportunity for a professional working translator, with native Vietnamese language skills, a flair for language, and reliability
  • Opportunities to be published in S P A C E are by invitation, only. We seek to work with people who are serious about their craft, gel with our local team in Saigon, and who are reliable.

Get in touch with us through this form to ask about our projects and how you can be part of them.

S P A C E | Vietnam is funded by new support for #spacethezine #newcuizines, see

Photo: Hoang Thanh

'S' is for Sincerity · Publisher's Diary

A vision & a collection of S P A C E made to realize it

The vision

S P A C E started out as a reaction to the mainstream media’s castings of peoples and places that are ‘exotic’ as something ‘other’, to be exalted or observed rather than commingled with.

Maybe it’s colonization that got us perturbed, or the high school British Literature and American Literature course syllabi that were insisted up on us as ‘literature’ without the global context of so, so very much more that can round out one’s perspectives, and challenge one’s beliefs. That, to me, is real travel.

More room for dialogue, more scope for relating, more opportunity for discovering Self in Other… that’s what I wanted to set out to explore and co-create and then record in weekly e-mag format, in this collected series. In the end, or at least, one chapter’s end, it was to spend a great chunk of time uninterrupted in Vietnam (pandemic) in order to find… Solitude.

Solitude (Kismuth Books / 2021)

The collections

The series has been going since 2017 and began in Cambodia with the first sequence, ‘A Philosophy of the Moment.’ Here are some of the other collections, made in popup ateliers in the places where we’ve been, looking for the real and the now. In other words, true stories.

The people who tell their stories to us, directly. In the way they speak. After a period of time in which to build trust, and establish rapport. Not everyone is open to it. But a few are. And when I find them, that’s where we do the Atelier S P A C E jam. To make the zine, and our own, co-created and highly curated arrangements, of S P A C E.


A Philosophy of the Moment, Winter 2018
Finland, Cambodia

The Book of New Things, Spring 2019
Vietnam and Japan

In the Vernacular, Summer 2019
Latvia, Slovakia and Poland

Trust the Process, Autumn 2019
Malaysia and Vietnam

Uncertainty, Winter 2019

In the Flowers, Spring 2020

Start with Something Simple, Summer 2020

Here & Now, Autumn 2020

Trust, Winter 2020-2021

Comfort, Spring 2021

Summer of Design, Summer 2021

Solving for I, Autumn 2021

Relational Aesthetics, Winter 2021


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