Issue #41: S P A C E Dubai, ‘Heart to Heart’


Issue #40: S P A C E | Haapavesi, ‘Proprioception’

Grice’s Maxims of Conversation


Issue #38: S P A C E | Riga, ‘This is This’

‘Briefly in Sheffield’ | 1999-2015

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‘Experience alone does not necessarily lead to learning; deliberate reflection on experience is essential:’ Wikipedia

The real performance is this one

The aesthetic moment

Journalist Oz Katerji: ‘Newsrooms need to be more diverse’

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Reading AlJazeera and the Boston Globe

Cross Cultural Design and why it matters in an era that believes in ‘right answers’

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Joyce Carol Oates: ‘We are the thoughts we are thinking’

What is the role of the artist? To ‘exchange and understand’

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23 issues of S P A C E

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