I remember very well the last project I completed before quitting the United States in search of ‘something new, in Asia’. That was 2013.

I remember it because it ended with a yard sale and a tree climb. I have never enjoyed myself so very much on a project as that. Up in the air!, talking away, on the branches, like it was right out of The Baron in the Trees. Once we got hoisted, I took a look around. It was sort of like being on the big swings at an amusement park, but it was nothing like that, at all. That day there were five of us, hanging out, in the up.

Me: ‘So this is your office?’

Aerial: ‘Yes. Yes it is.’

Me: ‘You look visibly, much more relaxed.’

Aerial: ‘I printed a business card with the logo you made. Here…’

Me: ‘Ooh!’

I missed this work. I’m doing it again now. But selectively, quietly. I don’t know if I’ll blog away like 2006 because it’ tiring, or instagram like these last few years with S P A C E because it’s… empty. But what I will do is what I’ve always done. Listen. Listen for your story.

Welcome, and welcome back, to Design Kompany.

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